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Review: John Turville Trio - Conception
Album Cover - Conception Conception
 Artist: John Turville Trio
 Album: Conception
 Date of Release: 2012/09/27
 Label: F-IRE Presents
 Cat. No.: F-IRE CD 57
 Country of Release: UK
 Genre/s: Jazz

 Sub-Genre/s: Contemporary, Jazz Tango, Avant-Tango, Post-Bop
 Type: Studio
   Time: 49:42
   Date of Review: 2012/11/03
   Web Site:
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Released on 27th September, the John Turville Trio's Conception is their second release on the prestigious F-IRE Presents label. This is a very different animal from the previous, award-winning 2009 Midas. Conception has a much harder edge and presents a much wider range of Turville's extremely wide range of influences and of his superb versatility.

The line-up is the same, with the exquisite Chris Hill on bass and Ben Reynolds on drums, with special guest Eduardo Vassallo contributing his superb cello to the tango suite. Reynolds in particular distinguishes himself as one of the finest young drummers on the British scene, with especially excellent and sensitive work on the tangos.

Of the ten tracks on Conception, seven are Turville originals, one a contribution by bassist Hill, another one Radiohead's Scatterbrain, with the title track being furnished by the late great George Shearing's immortal Conception. Recorded in 2010, this exquisite material had been heard live on previous occasions, including at The Kings Place in October last year, but all the same sounds as fresh as a spring breeze.

Turville saves the title track till last, returning to traditional jazz lyricism after exploring many of the other musical worlds that inform his music. From probing post-bop to rock, to contemporary classical, not forgetting the realm of tango with an exquisite suite that stretches from classic tango and Tango Nuevo into avant-tango and contemporary classical, with more than a hint of 'tocar a la parrilla' or [tango] played on the grill, and jazz tango, there is more variety here than one usually encounters on a single recording. With Turville's superb contrapuntal style, virtuosity and world-colliding rhythms given full rein, with absorbing poly rhythms and blended with conventional swing, Conception is a more in-your-face album than Midas was. Its depth is as unfathomable as that of Turville's musicianship itself. This is music that ranges from sublime beauty, great delicacy and sensitivity to head-busting intensity and on the edge playing.

The virtuosity all round is impeccable, as is the ensemble playing and soloing, with Turville's improvs as inventive as ever.

To mention consistency here would be as superfluous as a fifth wheel. Much more than compelling, Conception is powered with a kind of irresistible magnetism, a special kind of magic that keeps one totally spellbound by this exquisite album. One just cannot bear it when it ends, so a quick repeat is practically mandatory.

Packaging in an attractive digipak makes purchase of the CD even more attractive over a digital download.

The John Turville Trio's Conception is an absolute must have for any jazz connoisseur, let alone for piano trio aficionados. It is another of a most distinguished crop of piano trio albums this year, and a firm favourite here already.

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Track List:

 1. Pharaoh Ant - 7:09
 2. Scatterbrain (Radiohead) - 4:43
 3. Barrio Once - 3:20
 4. Milonga - 3:41
 5. Elegia - 4:09
 6. Old Park Avenue (C. Hill) - 3:48
 7. Cyclic Chorale - 3:32
 8. Fifth Floor - 7:04
 9. Arc-En-Ciel - 6:01
10. Conception (G. Shearing) - 6:09

All tracks John Turville except where stated otherwise

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John Turville - piano
Chris Hill - bass
Ben Reynolds - drums

Special Guest
Eduardo Vassallo - cello (3-5)


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