Review: Tamikrest - Toumastin
Album Cover - Toumastin
 Artist: Tamikrest
 Album: Toumastin
 Date of Release: 2011/04
 Label: Glitterhouse Records
 Cat. No.: GRCD721
 Country of Release: GER
 Genre/s: World | West Africa

 Sub-Genre/s: Touareg, Contemporary, Modern
 Type: Studio
   Time: 42:34
   Date of Review: 2012/08/08
   Web Site:

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Released back in April 2011 on the Glitterhouse label, Toumastin is Tamikrest's second album. Tamikrest are an ensemble, and a very excellent one, of Touareg musicians from northern Mali, mixing modern European instruments - their music is mainly guitar-driven - with some traditional percussion instruments.

Although rooted in Touareg music, Tamikrest's sound is predominantly a very modern 'world music' one. The standard of musicianship right across the board is superb, and I immediately took a great liking to Toumastin when I first heard this album last year. Sometimes electric, sometimes acoustic guitar driven, this music is, overall, very joyous, even somewhat exuberant. However, on reflection, this kind of guitar-driven music from Mali is not entirely new, and excellent as Toumastin is, there is still room for progress for Tamikrest. Qualitatively and stylistically, there seems very little difference between this and their first album.

All the same, I still find this album a very likable, highly enjoyable one. What's not to like? Very, very little indeed.

Consistent throughout, Toumastin is also very compelling, and the music has a certain charm to it. It is an album that certainly easily bears repeated listening and indeed only gets better each time.

All in all, Tamikrest's Toumastin has great appeal to 'world music' fans and should also appeal to lovers of guitar music generally.

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Track List:

 1. Tizarate - 0:21
 2. Fassous Tarahnet - 4:57
 3. Nak Amadjar Nidounia - 4:06
 4. Aratan N Tinariwen - 3:45
 5. Ayitma Madjam - 3:28
 6. Aidjan Adaky - 5:01
 7. Addektegh - 2:42
 8. Tarhamanine Assinegh - 4:27
 9. Nak Akaline Tinza (Tinzaouatene) - 3:01
10. Tidit - 4:14
11. Dihad Tedoun Itran - 6:26

All songs Ousmane Ag Mossa exc. 8 & 10 Mahmoud Ag Ahhmouden, 7 Ousmane Ag Mossa & Cheick Ag Tiglia

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Ousmane Ag Mossa - vocals, lead guitar, acoustic guitar
Aghaly Ag Mohamedine - djembe, percussion, backing vocals
Mossa Ag Borreiba - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Cheick Ag Tiglia - bass, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Bassa Wallet Abdamou - backing vocals
Wannou Wallet Sidaty - backing vocals
Ibrahim Ag Ahmed Salam - drums, calabash
Mahmoud Ag Ahmouden - vocals & guitar (8, 10)

Additional musicians:
Fatma Wallet Cheick - voice (3, 5, 6, 7, 9), backing vocals (10)
Mossa Ag Ahmed - electric guitar (9)
Blaz Celarec - percussion (4, 9, 11)
Chris Cacavas - keyboards (11)
Rok Stirn - trombone (4)
Matjaz Sekne - viola (11)
Chris Eckman - organ (6, 7)


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