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Review: Joanna Strand - Fly Transatlantic
Album Cover - Fly Transatlantic
Fly Transatlantic
 Artist: Joanna Strand
 Album: Fly Transatlantic - A Journey
 Date of Release: 2012/09
 Label: NMP Records
 Cat. No.:  
 Country of Release: UK
 Genre/s: Cabaret, Vocal Jazz

 Type: Studio
   Time: 58:38
   Date of Review: 2012/08/10
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Fly Transatlantic

Joanna Strand's Fly Transatlantic will be released on NMP Records in September. With a distinguished background ranging from operatic to stage musical and jazz, this is the versatile Ms. Strand's cabaret/vocal jazz debut album, though one really would not have guessed so from this extremely polished effort.

The side that Joanna Strand assembled for this project is likewise a most distinguished one, including as it does, premiere drummer/percussionist Asaf Sirkis, outstanding bassist Nick Pini, and versatile accordion maestro Romano Viazzani, as well as rising young piano star John Bailey, who is also responsible for the excellent arrangements. The soundscapes created by drummer Sirkis and accordionist Viazzani are also particularly notable.

Fly Transatlantic is one of those relatively rare beasts nowadays, a concept album. Its theme are songs not merely from both sides of the Atlantic, but by composers who crossed the Atlantic. They are mostly modern classics of the highest order as well as standards going back to the 1930s and include for example a Bacharach/Costello collaboration, Legrande/Bergman/Bergman ones including the haunting immortal Windmills Of Your Mind (made famous by the movie, The Thomas Crown Affair), as well as the likes of Peggy Lee, Paul Simon, Carol King and Sting compositions.

Strand's excellent voice is matched by the sheer exquisiteness of her interpretations. The latter are highly original and individualistic. Although not wishing to pick out individual favourites - nor, indeed, would this be possible! - for a few examples of Strand's outstanding, unique interpretations, look no further than for instance Paul Simon's America, Sting's Fields Of Gold, and especially Michel Legrand/Marilyn & Alan Bergman's Windmills Of Your Mind. With her highly personal style, often informed by her operatic background but not overwhelmed by it, Strand breathes completely new and delightful life into all her chosen material on Fly Transatlantic, beautifully assisted by her exceptional team of collaborators.

Thoroughly consistent throughout, Fly Transatlantic is also a lot more than merely compelling. This album holds you under its spell and won't let go, and you will find yourself playing it all over again, and again... A beautiful album of gorgeous songs, it is simply irresistible. The world has been waiting a long time for modern interpretations of these modern classics, and Strand and Fly Transatlantic deliver exactly that. A most memorable recording that will haunt for a long, long time.

Joanna Strand's Fly Transatlantic is an album to fall in love with, and an absolute must have for any cabaret and vocal jazz aficionado as well as any connoisseur of modern classic songs. Go Fly Transatlantic for a whole new way to travel! A remarkable journey with style. If only airlines could be like that.

Joanna Strand and friends are launching Fly Transatlantic at The Forge in Camden Town, London NW1, on 11th September. Make sure to catch this unique experience if you possibly can!

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Track List:

 1. America (Paul Simon) - 3:06
 2. So Many Stars (Sergio Mendes / Marilyn & Alan Bergman) - 3:09
 3. And I Will Follow (Jason Robert Brown) - 3:40
 4. Fields Of Gold (Sting) - 4:41
 5. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? (Michel Legrand / Marilyn & Alan Bergman) - 3:15
 6. Answer Me My Love (Fred Rauch / Carl Sigman) - 4:08
 7. Windmills Of Your Mind (Michel Legrand / Marilyn & Alan Bergman) - 4:41
 8. New York City Blues (Peggy Lee) - 3:15
 9. The Shining Sea (Peggy Lee / Johnny Mandel) - 2:36
10. Migratory V (Adam Guettel) - 4:05
11. My Love Went To London (Tony Scribetta / John Wallowitch) - 3:04
12. Finding Home (Ricky Ian Gordon / Tina Landau) - 2:49
13. This House Is Empty Now (Burt Bacharach / Elvis Costello) - 3:57
14. Autumn In New York (Vernon Duke) - 4:53
15. Feels Like Home (Randy Newman) - 4:20
16. Now And Forever (Carol King) - 2:49

All arrangements John Bailey

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Joanna Strand - vocals
John Bailey - piano
Nick Pini - double bass
Asaf Sirkis - drums
Romano Viazzani - accordion


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