Review: Aruán Ortiz Quartet - Orbiting
Album Cover - Orbiting
 Artist: Aruán Ortiz Quartet
 Album: Orbiting
 Date of Release: 2012/04
 Label: Fresh Sound New Talent
 Cat. No.: FSNT396
 Country of Release: US
 Genre/s: Jazz

 Sub-Genre/s: Contemporary, Modern, Avant-Garde, Post-Bop
 Type: Studio
   Time: 54:54
   Date of Review: 2012/05/07
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The Aruán Ortiz Quartet's Orbiting was released last month on the Fresh Sound New Talent label. The stellar line-up of the quartet is slightly changed from the last recording, Alameda, and now features ace guitarist David Gilmore and bass ace Rashaan Carter, in addition to ivories genius Ortiz himself and wiz drummer Eric McPherson.

What a world-class line-up this proves to be is just mind blowing. The ensemble playing might suggest that these guys have played together all the time for years, it is that tight and empathic, and the soloing all round comes straight out of a dream, as does the interplay especially between Ortiz and Gilmore.

For Orbiting, Ortiz has come up with a selection of material that is as eclectic as it is challenging. Ranging from classics like Charlie Parker's Koko, Brazilian Hermeto Pascoal's Ginga Carioca, Ornette Coleman's WRU, and the Arthur Schwartz / Howard Dietz standard Alone Together to strong, inventive originals (four in total) that effortlessly stand their ground, this covers vast spaces and time spans. Ortiz's compositions are as exquisite as his arrangements of the classics.

Always staying deeply grounded in the tradition, Ortiz takes us on something of a roller coaster ride through past and present and into the future, all the while remaining wonderfully accessible. Orbiting presents and represents some of the very finest modern jazz yet. This music is as awesome as Ortiz's prodigious talent and chops. Awesome and awe inspiring as it is inspired and inspirational. Gilmore's exquisite guitar is the perfect match to Ortiz, and Carter's bass is one of the finest I have yet heard from younger American players. McPherson's trap work is outstanding, always sensitive, often colourful.

Not only totally consistent but also consistently brilliant, Orbiting is utterly mesmerising and captivating. Its elegance and beauty are spellbinding, its excitement is palpable. This is one of those albums one simply cannot stop playing over and over. This is Ortiz's finest album yet.

A refreshing and rare elegant approach to modern jazz, the Aruán Ortiz Quartet's Orbiting is an absolute must have for any jazz aficionado. Beg, steal, borrow but preferable buy a signed copy from Ortiz himself. This is one purchase you will never regret or grow tired of.

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Track List:

1. Ginga Carioca (Hermeto Pascoal) - 7:06
2. Orbiting - 7:49
3. The Heir - 8:43
4. Koko (Charlie 'Bird' Parker) - 4:51
5. Numbers - 4:02
6. WRU (Ornette Coleman) - 7:14
7. Green City - 7:39
8. Alone Together (Arthur Schwartz / Howard Dietz) - 7:25

All compositions by Aruán Ortiz
except where stated, all arrangements by Aruán Ortiz

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Aruán Ortiz - piano
David Gilmore - guitar
Rashaan Carter - bass
Eric McPherson - drums


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