Review: Joyce Moreno - Rio De Janeiro
Album Cover - Rio De Janeiro
Rio De Janeiro
 Artist: Joyce Moreno
 Album: Rio De Janeiro
 Date of Release: 2012/03
 Label: Far Out Recordings
 Cat. No.: FARO163CD
 Country of Release: UK
 Genre/s: World

 Sub-Genre/s: Brazilian, Latin, Bossa, Samba Singer-Songwriter
 Type: Studio
   Time: 52:25
   Date of Review: 2012/07/22
   Web Site:

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Rio De Janeiro

Joyce Moreno's Rio De Janeiro was released on the enterprising UK-based Far Out Brazilian music label in March.

The name really says just about all already. Joyce Moreno, or Joyce as she used to be simply known. One of the great Brazilian music legends. Beloved of millions of Brazilian music lovers everywhere. The title says the rest. Rio De Janeiro. A musical declaration of love to her home city. An acoustic ode to Rio. Just Ms. Moreno's voice and guitar. Can't you just smell the sea air, feel the cool breeze on Ipanema beach as the sun starts going down? Maravilhosa!

What else can you say about this gorgeous dream of an album by one of Brazil's musical goddesses? To expect anything less than a dream would be blasphemy, surely.

In addition to Moreno's originals, there are covers of beloved classics by, among others, Caetano Velosa, Carlos Lyra, and of course, Tom Jobim. All rendered by Joyce Moreno's wonderful, light as the caress of a summer breeze voice and her dexterous guitar.

Dream of sitting by Ipanema beach, a refreshing light sea breeze, a beautiful girl floating by with hips swaying casually... That is Rio De Janeiro. A passionate love for a city. That is Rio De Janeiro.

It would, of course, be utter futility to even try to pick a favourite from among these gorgeous fifteen tracks. Rio De Janeiro is totally mesmerising, with a spell that just will not let go. One just wants this album to never end, and feels compelled to play it all over again immediately it does. Beauty, perfection, a dreamy elegance, passion, Moreno delivers all these in abundance, and more.

Joyce Moreno's Rio De Janeiro is an album to just die for. With a smile on one's face. Brazilian music lovers surely would kill for this album. For the general world music, or even general good music aficionado, it is more than a must have.

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Track List:

 1. Adeus, América (H. Barbosa / G. Jaques) - 4:35
 2. O Mar (A.C. Jobim / B. Blanco) - 2:22
 3. Manhã No Posto Seis (A. Cavalcanti) - 3:11
 4. Vela No Breu (P. Da Viola / S. Natureza) - 4:09
 5. Puro Ouro (J. Moreno) - 2:59
 6. Desde Que O Samba É Samba (C. Veloso) - 5:28
 7. Valsa De Uma Cidade (I. Netto / A. Maria) - 2:56
 8. As Mariposas / Com Que Roupa (A. Barbosa, N. Rosa) - 3:27
 9. Fitio de Oração (Vadico / N. Rosa) - 3:58
10. Rio Meu (J. Moreno) - 2:49
11. Viva Meu Samba (B. Blanco) - 3:50
12. Mascarada (E. Medeiros / Z. Keti) - 2:30
13. Samba Do Carioca (C. Lyra / V. De Moraes) - 3:45
14. Cidade Maravilhosa (A. Filho) - 3:28
15. Tardes Cariocas / See You In Rio (J. Moreno, J. Moreno) - 2:50 (Bonus Track)

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Joyce Moreno - vocals, guitar


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