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Review: Lenka Lichtenberg & Roula Said - Bridges - Live At Lula Lounge
Cover - Bridges - Live At Lula Lounge
Bridges - Live At Lula Lounge
 Artist: Lenka Lichtenberg & Roula Said
 Album: Bridges - Live At Lula Lounge
 Date of Release: 2012/03
 Label: Sunflower Records
 Cat. No.: SR CD 005
 Country of Release: CAN
 Genre/s: World, World-Beat

 Sub-Genre/s: Yiddish, Arabic, Yiddish Song, Arabic Song
 Type: Live
   Time: 43:12
   Date of Review: 2013/07/26
   Web Site:
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Bridges - Live At Lula Lounge

Lenka Lichtenberg & Roula Said's Bridges - Live At Lula Lounge, the first of two Lenka Lichtenberg albums released last year, was released on Sunflower Records in March 2012.

Bridges builds musical bridges between the Jewish and Arabic spheres and has Czech-Canadian singer-songwriter Lichtenberg team up with Lebanese-Canadian singer-songwriter and dancer Roula Said, and a bunch of versatile, even extraordinary musicians playing Western, Middle Eastern and Indian instruments. The result is an almost spectacular album of the funkiest global grooves that is both world music and world-beat in the best sense. Bridges is a truly extraordinary album with the broadest possible appeal that will keep both hard-core world music 'purists' and global grooves fans happy.

Lichtenberg's concept of building musical bridges is inspired by Israeli world music giant Yair Dalal's personal mantra of 'Peace is the only way,' which finds literal expression in the opener, Peace Is The Only Way. Based partly around a traditional kibbutz song and partly a medieval song, it is endowed with Yiddish lyrics by Lichtenberg and Arabic ones by Said. The other songs on Bridges are in part similar collaborative efforts, or individual Lichtenberg or Said originals, with one by Marcel Khalife.

Where they sing together, Lichtenberg and Said's voices blend superbly, and their individual voices are outstanding already anyway. The circumstance of having been recorded live adds to the atmosphere of Bridges, together with the crisp production. The instrumentation and arrangements are outstanding. Said also distinguishes herself with some sharp darbuka and can also briefly be heard on qanun on Eybik.

Throughout, Bridges remains beautifully consistent and coherent. Moreover, this album is totally mesmerising and one cannot get enough of it. The grooves get to your feet and make you want to reach for your dancing shoes. Bridges is all round beautiful music, beautifully presented and executed. And it does what it says on the tin! The combination of Jewish and Arabic music does indeed build wonderful musical bridges. If people can rock together, they can live together.

Lenka Lichtenberg & Roula Said's Bridges - Live At Lula Lounge is a must have for any fan of global grooves as well as any general world music aficionado. And the CD comes in a beautiful little gatefold, light and slim but with enough spine for title details. If only all CDs could be packaged like this! So, don't just beg, steal or borrow, go buy this excellent album!

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Track List:

 1. Peace is the Only Way (Bridges version) (Trad./Lichtenberg/Dalal/Said) - 5:38
 2. Wedding Songs (Trad./Lichtenberg/Said) - 3:49
 3. Eybik (Bridges Live version) (Simchovitch/Lichtenberg) - 3:51
 4. Nujum (Said) - 5:34
 5. Open My Eyes (Trad./Lichtenberg/Said) - 6:21
 6. Asfur (Khalife) - 5:13
 7. Lider fun loyb: Live Version (Simchovitch/Lichtenberg) - 3:07
 8. Salle w-sallem (Said) - 4:15
 9. Shnirele Perele (Bridges Version) (Trad./Lichtenberg/Said) - 5:21

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Lenka Lichtenberg - vocals, hand drum
Roula Said - vocals, darbuka, qanun, dance
Chris Gartner - bass
John Gzowski - oud, guitars
Alan Hetherington - pandeiro, percussion, drums
Ravi Naimpalli - tabla
Kinneret KiKi Sagee - clarinet
Ernie Tollar - ney, bansuri, sax


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