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Review: Lenka Lichtenberg - Fray
Album Cover - Fray
 Artist: Lenka Lichtenberg
 Album: Fray
 Date of Release: 2010
 Label: Sunflower Records
 Cat. No.: SR265
 Country of Release: CAN
 Genre/s: World

 Sub-Genre/s: World Fusion, Yiddish, Middle Eastern
 Type: Studio
   Time: 59:00
   Date of Review: 2013/08/16
   Web Site:
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Lenka Lichtenberg's Fray was released on the Sunflower label in 2010. It is the penultimate of our retrospective reviews of previous albums by Ms. Lichtenberg.

If the excellent line-up presages those of later albums, so the superb music is strongly indicative of Lichtenberg's developing, unique 'world fusion' style of 'world music,' particularly on her most recent album, Embrace. The - mainly - Yiddish songs are strongly under-pinned by Indian and Middle Eastern rhythms, and wedded to jazz, Argentinean and Brazilian styles as well. This is also reflected in the tasteful mix of conventional Western and Middle Eastern as well as Indian instrumentation. Almost needless to say, Lichtenberg's superb voice has already fully come into its own here.

The majority of the superb compositions on Fray (Yidd., 'Free') are Lichtenberg's own, often in conjunction with classic Yiddish poetry by Mordekhai Gebirtig and others or modern Yiddish poetry by Simcha Simchovitch. One English lyric is also contributed by Lichtenberg, with music be guitarist John Gzowski.

With Fray, Lichtenberg has come up with her own unique global style and a brilliantly consistent album that is more than merely compelling, but will mesmerise the listener. Its charm is spell-binding and makes you want to play it all over again when it comes to the end.

Lenka Lichtenberg's Fray will have equally huge appeal to the general 'world music' as well as the Jewish music aficionado. The CD comes in an excellent triple-fold digipak, so is infinitely preferable to digital download. Go for it!

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Track List:

 1. Trili Trilili (Gebirtig / Lichtenberg) - 4:56
 2. Es Khlipen Di Malokhim/Weeping Angels (Wiegand / Lichtenberg) - 4:44
 3. Hey, Tsigelekh (Gebirtig / Lichtenberg) - 4:55
 4. Eybik (Simchovitch / Lichtenberg) - 3:30
 5. Nje Buditche (Trad. Roma / Lichtenberg) - 4:08
 6. Dancing On the Titanic (Lichtenberg / Gzowski) - 5:29
 7. A Kol (Wiegand / Lichtenberg) - 4:10
 8. A Lid Vet Farblaybn (Simchovitch / Lichtenberg) - 4:26
 9. Teg Mayne (Simchovitch / Lichtenberg) - 4:00
10. The Golden Peacock (Simchovitch / Lichtenberg) - 3:37
11. Tsar Fun Yiddish (Papernikoff / Galay) - 3:45
12. Arum Dem Fayer/Around the Fire (Trad. / Lichtenberg) - 3:35
13. In Torbe Funem Vint (Sutzkever / D. Hoffman) - 3:29
14. Lider Fun Loyb (Simchovitch / Lichtenberg) - 3:04

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Lenka Lichtenberg - vocals, guitar

Alexis Basque - cornet
Kevin Fox - cello
John Gzowski - guitars, oud, bouzouki
Alan Hetherington - pandeiro, drums, percussion
Brian Katz - nylon string guitar
George Koller - bass
Tomas Liska - bass
Ravi Naimpalli - tabla, doumbek
Tuhsin Nawfal - ney
Kinneret KiKi Sagee - clarinet
George Sawa - qanun
Alexander Shonert - violin
Natalie Shonert - piano
Ernie Tollar - ney, bansouri, soprano sax


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