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Album Cover - Klezmeritis
 Artist: Klezmeritis
 Album: Klezmeritis
 Date of Release: 2000
 Label: Kaleidoscope Music
 Cat. No.: KM001
 Country of Release: AU
 Genre/s: World | Jewish | Traditional

 Sub-Genre/s: Klezmer
 Type: Studio
   Time: 50:37
   Date of Review: 2006/11/26
   Web Site:

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Klezmeritis - It's Highly Contagious!

Klezmeritis' eponymous debut album was released in 2000. Formed in 1996 by Ernie Gruner, the band are much loved and well respected on the Australian klezmer and general folk scene and getting well known beyond. Its members, both individually as well as in various combinations, also participate in a wide variety of other projects and are much recorded. Sadly though, this seems to be the only purely Klezmeritis album to date.

Klezmeritis is sub-titled Infectious East European Jewish music with Gypsy, Middle Eastern & Jazz Influences. Quite a mouthful, but extremely apt as a description of Klezmeritis and its music. They're highly contagious! Ernie Gruner's fidl is one of the finest you'll hear anywhere, and the influence of Alicia Svigals is undeniable. The accordion and other parts played by Phil Carroll are also excellent, but it is his Middle Eastern ney on Araber Tanz that really shines for me. Ron Hanson provides the superb anchor to everything with his excellent bass.

Particularly striking are the Bulgars and Freylach, for maintaining their rhythm beautifully in the absence of percussion. However, it really would be impossible to pick any favourites on Klezmeritis, all the tracks are equally attractive each in its own way, and there simply aren't any weaknesses. This is a beautifully consistent album. For the most part of it, your legs seem to want to take on a life of their own and this is indeed wonderful and most enjoyable dance music. The playing is exuberant, and the enthusiasm and indeed love of the musicians for their music is as infectious as the music itself. Klezmeritis have come up with a debut album that sounds highly polished and well seasoned, with a great "live" feel as well. It's a firm favourite here already and I'm sure will remain so for a very long time to come.

Klezmeritis must be considered essential in any good collection of klezmer. One can only hope to hear a lot more from this superb Aussie band.

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Track List:

 1. Mini-Doina - 0:23
 2. Rabbi in Palestine Hora - 3:33
 3. Mazltov Freylach - 2:28

 4. Kolomeike - 2:44

 5. Araber Tanz - 5:54

 6. Broyges Tanz - 2:28
 7. Odessa Bulgar - 2:19

 8. Stolliner Nigun - 6:24

 9. Boogich Bulgar - 1:52
10. Af Shabbes in Vilna - 1:08
11. After Three Glasses - 1:45

12. Rumanian Hora - 2:10

13. Khosidl 1 - 1:48
14. Khosidl 2 - 1:27

15. Sherele - 3:11
16. Leybedik - 2:30

17. Uskadar / Terk in America - 5:04

18. Tanz Tanz Yiddelekh - 3:03

All tracks Trad. - arr. by Klezmeritis

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Ernie Gruner - violin, vocals
Phil Carroll - accordion, ney, zorna, keyboard, vocals
Ron Hansen - double bass


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Klezmeritis can be purchased:
From Jewish Music Distribution JMD UK

From Hatikvah Music International (US)

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