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Album Cover - Time Tunnel
Time Tunnel
 Artist: The Kabalas
 Album: Time Tunnel
 Date of Release: 1999/10/19
 Label: Dionysus Records / Mordam
 Cat. No.: Dionysus 123379
 ASIN: B00001T3AX
 Country of Release: US
 Genre/s: World | Jewish

 Sub-Genre/s: Contemporary, Other, Klezmer
 Type: Studio
   Time: 43:56
   Date of Review: 2003/04/08
   Web Site:

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The Kabalas - Time Tunnel

Originally released in 1999 on the Dionysus label, The Kabalas' Time Tunnel could be described as a refreshing breath of (not so) rotten air. Klez punk-rock? Well, sort of, perhaps in a "metaphysical" sense... Basically, The Kabalas inject rock with some much-needed life force in the form of klezmer. They take solid klezmer and give it a thorough rock treatment, their rock grounded to some extent in punk/garage punk. From this they take all that's best about that genre and combine it with originality and inventiveness and solid musical skill, so often otherwise lacking in the genre. Throw in generous helpings of fun and manic humour and satire, a pinch or two of hip-hop and contemporary jazz, a lyrical touch here and there, stir well - et voila, The Kabalas and their "polkadelic klezmer", as they like to describe it.

Thanks to multi-instrumentalist Scott Morschhauser, The Kabalas can avail themselves of an unusually varied instrumental palette for a band of this kind, including some excellent xylophone. Solid grounding is provided on most of the tracks by a more than capable accordion, and Kabala's saxophonist distinguishes him- or herself with wonderful flexibility. There's even some excellent bass clarinet as well. A very versatile and capable band with original ideas, and the ability to transform their ideas into great sounding music, The Kabalas have turned out a thoroughly likable, enjoyable album in Time Tunnel. Traditional klezmer material and standards as well as originals are all handled with equal, almost hyper-active flair.

This is klezmer with a difference. Vive la difference! Have fun!


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Track List:

 1. Time Tunnel (Williams) - 3:27
 2. Medley: The Dybbuk/Hells Bells (Kassel/Morschhauser) - 4:04
 3. Attack of the Giant Ants (Stein) - 2:25
 4. Little Lisa (Morschhauser) - 4:22
 5. Quiet Shtetl (Traditional) - 4:14
 6. At the Rabbi's Table (Traditional) - 3:17
 7. Photograph of Aunt Rachel Doing the Cha-Cha at Cousin Ira's Bar Mitzvah (Morschhauser) - 3:28
 8. Odessa Bulgar (Traditional) - 2:06
 9. Comfort Me With Apples (Gould/Mizzy) - 2:34
10. Freilach 2 (Traditional) - 1:49
11. Do It on Your Own Time (Smith) - 2:24
12. Erev Ba (Levanon/Levanon) - 3:19
13. Tanz Medley (Traditional) - 6:27

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Joel "Mister Joel" Dick (Percussion, Drums, Djembe)
Scott Morschhauser (Guitar (Acoustic), Percussion, Accordion, Ukulele, Vocals, Xylophone, Vibraphone)
Barry "The Wolfman" Wolf (Accordion)
"Nervous" Neal Smith


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