Gig Review:
Bethany Jameson & Petit Café De Paris - Live At The Green Note,
Camden Town, London NW1, 7th December 2012
Cabaret Vérité Presents

Petit Café de Paris

Green Note
106 Parkway, Camden Town, London NW1 7AN

Friday 29th June 2012, 7pm (show 9pm)

A Cabaret By and Starring

Bethany Jameson
- vocals

Claudio Allodi - accordion
Declan Daly - violin

Date of Review: 2012/12/08

All illustrations by and © Alban Low

Img of Bethany Jameson
Bethany Jameson
Bethany Jameson & Petit Café De Paris - Live At The Green Note,
Camden Town, London NW1, 7th December 2012

The very intimate Green Note in Camden Town is a gem of a venue for gigs like last night's equally intimate Bethany Jameson cabaret, Bethany Jameson & Petit Café De Paris. Even with its tiny stage area, it would be hard to beat the little Green Note. Imagine NYC's Café Carlisle but scaled down and with an intimate great atmosphere and informal, not so posh. That's the Green Note. The food is vegetarian, and excellent albeit a little bland for someone used to very hot and spicy cuisine. Nonetheless, I found it enjoyable, and value for money. And this in spite of not being fond of eating out.

Of course, as was to be expected and like Bethany Jameson's previous engagement here nearly six months earlier, the Green Note was packed to the rafters with an appreciative and enthusiastic crowd.

For Bethany Jameson & Petit Café De Paris, Ms. Jameson was accompanied by outstanding accordionist Claudio Allodi, on button accordion, who took over for the usual Romano Viazzani who was on tour in the US, and regular Cabaret Vérité Quartet violin virtuoso Declan Daly.

Img. of Bethany Jameson
Bethany Jameson

An evening of fabulous French chansons, Piaf, Brel, Greco, Barbara and many more gems rarely heard in the UK had been promised, and was indeed delivered. Anglo-French cabaret chanteuse Bethany Jameson is nothing less than Britain's own 'Little Sparrow,' our own Piaf. Ms. Jameson combines an outstanding voice with immense stage presence and superb acting skills. She is a sensation both musically and visually.

Img. of Declan Daly
Claudio Allodi

Claudio Allodi and Declan Daly were nothing less than the perfect accompaniment. They also opened the second set with a performance of V. Monti's Czardas that was as exciting and virtuosic as any that it has been my pleasure to encounter, and then some!



This already raised the temperature. Ms. Jameson's second entrance in a scarlet dress was just stunning and raised it to volcanic! Indeed, one had to fear for the blood pressure of any red-blooded male with hypertension or a heart condition in the audience.

As stunning as her appearance was throughout Bethany Jameson & Petit Café De Paris, Ms. Jameson's performance was even more stunning.

Img. of Bethany Jameson
Bethany Jameson
Img. of Claudio Allodi
Declan Daly

Never missing a nuance, Ms. Jameson had the audience at the Green Note in the palm of her hand. An excellent choice of material could not fail to include an old favourite like Contet / Glanzberg's Padam, Padam of course, which proved a real show-stopper.

Altogether, Bethany Jameson & Petit Café De Paris was an exquisite show, a delicious and delectable feast that will stay in the memory of chanson/cabaret lovers lucky enough to have been in attendance. You just have to experience Bethany Jameson for yourself!

Img. of Bethany Jameson

N.B. - A big thank you to artist Alban Low for the use of his brilliant illustrations of the gig and all his hard work in preparing them. To find out more about Alban Low's work and to see more examples of his exquisite art and to get a catalogue of posters and prints, please visit his web site. He also has a new blog arising originally out of his current residency at Twickfolk, Twickenham but rapidly expanding beyond that.

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