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Review: Chris Higginbottom - Where Land Ends
Album Cover - Where Land Ends
Where Land Ends
 Artist: Chris Higginbottom
 Album: Where Land Ends
 Date of Release: 2012/10/29
 Label: F-IRE Presents
 Cat. No.: F-IRECD63
 Country of Release: UK
 Genre/s: Jazz

 Sub-Genre/s: Contemporary, Post-bop
 Type: Studio
   Time: 47:33
   Date of Review: 2012/10/24
   Web Site:
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Where Land Ends

Drummer/leader Chris Higginbottom's Where Land Ends will be released on the always exciting F-IRE Presents label on 29th October. Higginbottom's second album, it is his first on F-IRE.

For Where Land Ends, drummer extraordinaire Higginbottom has assembled a hand-picked team of fine pedigree players. Mike Outram, guitar, Tom Cawley, keys, and Robin Mullarkey, electric bass, are all well known players of repute and fine improvisers. Higginbottom wrote the six original compositions on Where Land Ends specifically with them in mind. He has left large, simple spaces for improvisation, rather than tying his team down to a complex set of ideas and instead relying on their innate abilities for improvisation and interplay. This pays off hugely.

This album is a marked change for Higginbottom to a very contemporary electric sound. At times, the music harks back to classic fusionists and even prog rock - even Santana seems evoked at times - but it predominates towards its own original style. The emphasis is on inspiration rather than ideas. The result is always inspiring as well as cerebral, accessible yet also demanding.

The ensemble playing is as exciting and flawless as the interplay and improvs. Higginbottom is subtle and sensitive, never engaging in pyrotechnics for the sake of showing off, letting the other players do most of the bidding. Even his outstanding solos have subtlety about them. The line-up is not only superb and superbly well matched, but also leaves plenty of room for the players' individuality to shine through.

With Where Land Ends, Higginbottom has come up with an album that surely should serve notice that he has well and truly arrived and intends to stay at the top, and an album that is also hugely enjoyable and entertaining. It surely also has to be award material.

Totally consistent, Where Land Ends is completely mesmerising, not merely compelling. It is an irresistible album that one wishes would never end and that one could play all the time. One of the truly great albums of the year, Where Land Ends is also full of a certain charm and beauty. It is simply brilliant!

Chris Higginbottom's Where Land Ends is more than a must have for any jazz aficionado. So do the decent thing and buy it! Preferably the CD in its lovely digipak with artwork that somehow seems to match the music. There are no sleeve notes - the music speaks for itself, and very eloquently so.

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Track List:

 1. Stir - 8:38
 2. The Wide Open - 8:22
 3. Shifty - 7:46
 4. Taters In The Mould - 8:02
 5. Sort Of Lullaby - 4:52
 6. Where Land Ends - 9:52

All tracks Chris Higginbottom

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Chris Higginbottom - drums
Mike Outram - guitar
Tom Cawley - keyboards
Robin Mullarkey - electric bass


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HMV - soon

Other online sources & better CD stores from 29th October 2012

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