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Review: Sarah Gillespie - Glory Days
Album Cover - Glory Days
Glory Days
 Artist: Sarah Gillespie
 Album: Glory Days
 Date of Release: 2013/07/10
 Label: Pastiche Records
 Cat. No.: CD PR13004
 Country of Release: UK
 Genre/s: 1) Singer-songwriter
2) Jazz

 Sub-Genre/s: 1) Contemporary
2) Vocal Jazz, Contemporary
 Type: Studio
   Time: 40:45
   Date of Review: 20113/07/19
   Web Site:
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Glory Days

Sarah Gillespie's Glory Days, the singer-songwriter extraordinaire's long awaited third album, is finally here and was released on Pastiche Records on 10th July.

Glory Days is a very different kettle of fish to especially the previous In The Current Climate. The most obvious differences include a much more subdued, subtle production, and Gilad Atzmon taking much more of a back seat here than before. Both are very positive developments that let Ms. Gillespie's own vocals and guitar stand out on their own much more. There also is an over all softer feel and tone and more reflective mood to Glory Days, including to the - as ever, vastly superior - lyrics. Those of Postcards To Outer Space, dedicated to Gillespie's late mother, as indeed is the album, are particularly moving and tender even. But worry not, the lyrics, over all, are still very much in Gillespie's idiosyncratic, surreal beat poetry style.

The melodies likewise tend to be more gentle. Has Gillespie turned from 'hard as nails' to soft? I doubt she ever was quite as 'hard as nails' as her previous albums and image might have suggested to some. There always was a soft, tender vulnerability underlying it all, showing quite a few past bruises and hard knocks. But listen to most of the present lyrics, and you'll soon discover that Gillespie has not suddenly 'turned soft.'

The line-up accompanying Gillespie is still the same of Atzmon, Enzo Zirilli on drums and Ben Bastin on bass. But they all are much more subtly employed on Glory Days, with Atzmon most prominent on Signal Failure, a track from last year's EP The War On Trevor, and the traditional blues St. James Infirmary, where his clarinet suitably harks back to trad jazz times. In addition, Kit Downes guests on piano on Glory Days and The Soldier Song and Marcus Bates on a very subtle French horn on Glory Days. Gillespie's unmistakable voice shines brighter than ever throughout.

This album is totally mesmerising and addictive, the more you hear it, the more you want to hear it again and again. Glory Days is absolutely gorgeous and irresistible, and without a shadow of a doubt it is Gillespie's finest album yet. And that is no mean feat, given how excellent her previous albums (and EP) were! But on the other hand, Gillespie is more than brilliant enough to pull it off.

Sarah Gillespie's Glory Days is a must have, an album to simply die for. Regardless of whether you come at it from a singer-songwriter, jazz, blues, or whatever angle. And if you buy the CD, rather than digital download, you also get a booklet with the complete lyrics. The only pity is that it comes in a jewel case rather than a digipak or cardfold, but all the same, get the CD any time. And don't miss Gillespie live at any cost - she's dynamite!

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Track List:

 1. Postcards to Outer Space - 4:50
 2. Glory Days - 5:14
 3. Sugar Sugar - 3:38
 4. Oh Mary - 4:52
 5. Signal Failure - 3:52
 6. The Bees and the Seas - 5:11
 7. The Soldier Song - 4:54
 8. Babies and All That Shit - 3:28
 9. St James Infirmary - 5:46

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Sarah Gillespie - vocals & guitar
Gilad Atzmon - accordion, clarinet, Wurlitzer, saxophones, mini piano and electric guitar (on Babies and All That Shit)
Ben Bastin - double bass
Enzo Zirilli - drums, percussion
Kit Downes - piano (on Glory Days and The Soldier Song)
Marcus Bates – french horn

All songs by Sarah Gillespie except
St. James Infirmary (trad.)


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