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Review: Burton Bradstock - All Upon A Lovely Summer’s Day
Album Cover - All Upon A Lovely Summer's Day
All Upon A Lovely Summer's Day
 Artist: Burton Bradstock
 Album: All Upon A Lovely Summer's Day
 Date of Release: 2012/10/29
 Label: F-IRE Presents
 Cat. No.: F-IRECD58
 Country of Release: UK
 Genre/s: Jazz

 Sub-Genre/s: Contemporary, Folk Jazz, Post-bop
 Type: Studio
   Time: 47:24
   Date of Review: 2012/10/11
   Web Site:,
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All Upon A Lovely Summer's Day

To be released on the ever adventurous F-IRE Presents label on 29th October, Burton Bradstock's All Upon A Lovely Summer's Day is this artist's debut leader album with a small band.

A superbly innovative, imaginative and indeed inspired album, All Upon A Lovely Summer's Day combines the past in the form of traditional English folk songs from the 19th century with the present in the form of contemporary jazz. It seeks to combine two worlds, and a man's present with his longing for a nostalgic past, and does so very successfully.

Bradstock is of course the alter ego of multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer and big band leader Jimmy Cannon. A well chosen name, as it has a certain air of 'folk cred' about it - it sounds like it could be the name of a folk singer or act. Named after a place perhaps. Which may well be the case, as Burton Bradstock happens to be the name of a lovely little village on the Dorset coast of England. This also gained a little adverse publicity earlier this year when a landslide buried a hapless woman on its beach.

But while Burton Bradstock the place has seen disaster, Burton Bradstock the musician certainly has not come up with one with All Upon A Lovely Summer's Day. Far from it. All Upon A Lovely Summer's Day is the successful marriage of jazz and nostalgia, the latter represented by the folk songs. Bubbling with originality and innovation, 'bride' and 'groom' will indeed live happily ever after. Both folk and jazz are being done full justice here.

Bradstock's accomplices here are the equally talented Dorian Ford on piano, Riaan Vosloo on bass, Tim Giles on drums (except on a couple of tracks where it is Dave Ohm), plus guitarist Pete Berryman and violinist Julian Ferraretto. The interplay among these virtuosic musicians is something to behold in itself. They also manage to find the perfect balance between jazz and folksy touches. Bradstock's - aka Cannon's - voice is a marvel of simultaneous folk and jazz cred, and he always finds just the perfect musical balance between the two. He remains faithful to and respectful of the tradition while incorporating it sensitively into a modern jazz idiom, with contemporary harmonies and complex rhythms.

The material could not have been better chosen. Of the eleven tracks, nine are early to mid 19th century traditional English folk songs, including such folk club stalwarts as The Foggy Dew, Early One Morning, John Barleycorn and Sally In Our Alley. Train Song is a 1960s/70s legendary folk jazz band (often, wrongly for a great number of reasons, described as folk rock band) Pentangle classic from their 1969 album Basket Of Light. One more track, The Mermaid Of Hampstead Heath, is an original contributed by guitarist Pete Berryman.

Ultimately, the result with All Upon A Lovely Summer's Day is not only an album that works supremely well but is also sublimely beautiful. Cannon's very personal journey, as Bradstock, into the realm of nostalgia and even a fundamental kind of sound is one that is not only easy to follow but a highly enjoyable one.

All of this is also beautifully presented in a digipak featuring a cover from the painting 'The Mermaid Of Hampstead Heath' by Ed Gray, making the CD a vastly preferable buy to digital download.

Thoroughly consistent from the first song to the last, All Upon A Lovely Summer's Day also casts an immediate spell with its charm that makes it completely irresistible rather than merely compelling. An exquisite album that will remain a firm favourite here for a very long time.

Burton Bradstock's All Upon A Lovely Summer's Day manages the seemingly impossible: it will appeal to contemporary jazz aficionado and folk enthusiast alike, albeit perhaps not the folk purist who is, nonetheless, urged to open his mind and give it a try! An absolute must have album. Buy and make sure Jimmy Cannon/Burton Bradstock will give us another fabulous album soon!

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Track List:

 1. Salisbury Plain (trad., arr. J. Cannon) - 3:44
 2. Train Song (Pentangle) - 3:59
 3. The Ashgrove (trad., arr. J. Cannon / P. Berryman) - 5:25
 4. The Foggy Foggy Dew (trad., arr. J. Cannon) - 4:42
 5. Early One Morning (trad., arr. J. Cannon / P. Berryman) - 4:14
 6. John Barleycorn (trad., arr. J. Cannon) - 5:13
 7. The Mermaid Of Hampstead Heath (P. Berryman) - 5:52
 8. All Things Are Quite Silent (trad., arr. J. Cannon) - 4:04
 9. Sally In Our Alley (trad., arr. J. Cannon) - 3:31
10. She's Like A Swallow (trad., arr. J. Cannon) - 3:25
11. The Water is Wide (trad., arr. J. Cannon) - 4:00

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Burton Bradstock - vocals
Dorian Ford - piano
Riaan Vosloo - bass
Tim Giles - drums (exc. 4, 11)
Dave Ohm - drums (4, 11)
Pete Berryman - guitar
Julian Ferraretto - violin

Special Guest:
Iain Bellamy - sax (6, 10)

Robin Martin, Joanne Davies, Nozomi Cohen, Rosalind Gladstone


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