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Review: Asgeir & Mo - Danza De Andalucia
Album Cover - Danza De Andalucia
Danza De Andalucia
 Artist: Asgeir & Mo
 Album: Danza De Andalucia
 Date of Release: 2012/01
 Cat. No.: ASG2011
 Country of Release: NO
 Genre/s: World

 Sub-Genre/s: World Fusion, Flamenco, Latin
 Type: Studio
   Time: 65:02
   Date of Review: 2012/07/04
   Web Site:  
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Danza De Andalucia

Released on the West Audio Productions AS label, Asgeir & Mo's Danza De Andalucia is the Norwegian duo's debut album. This is a more than a remarkable release, let alone for a debut!

Asgeir Aarøen is principally a flamenco guitarist as well as a classical guitarist, while violinist Bjarte Mo comes from a thoroughly classical background. Their co-conspirators on this album come from a diverse range of musical backgrounds, from jazz bassist Magnus Rød Haugland to Colombian Latin percussionist Gabriel Chicaiza, experimental percussionist Eddie Andresen who specialises on pots to classical flautist Saska Cvijanovic and Spanish flamenco dancer Noelia Sabarea on castanets, and more.

Danza De Andalucia is world music in the finest tradition and of the highest calibre. It really does not get much better than this. Aarøen has come up with a potent potpourri of strong compositions, with influences ranging from flamenco, Latin, and classical music to Eastern European Jewish, Middle Eastern and South American Andean music. This is often served with a generous touch of Quintette du Hot Club de France type swing. Originality, innovation and inspiration reign supreme here.

The playing, most outstandingly that of Asgeir & Mo themselves, is of the highest standards and superb virtuosity. Aarøen's guitar is breath-taking, yet never overly virtuosic merely for the purpose of showing off, and the same applies to Mo's highly individual violin which lends much of the 'Hot Club' feel where it is present. One could almost be tempted to call the pair the Grappelli/Reinhardt of world music. Percussionist Chicaiza also stands out particularly. Where a full string section is used, it is done so delicately, without ever becoming overly lush. Additionally, the production is also outstanding.

To even attempt to pick out a favourite track here would be utterly futile, this album is so totally consistent from start to finish. There can be no question whether it is compelling, either - Danza De Andalucia is sheer mesmerising magic, and is as gorgeous as it is brilliant. To hear it is to hopelessly fall in love with this album. As a debut it is absolutely phenomenal. It is phenomenal, period.

Asgeir & Mo's Danza De Andalucia is one of those absolute must have albums, and not just for the world music aficionado either. Beg, steal, borrow, or better still, buy!

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Track List:

 1. Sommarflørt (Summer Flirt) - 3:54
 2. Arabisk samba (Arabian Samba) - 3:41
 3. Dine hender i mine (Your Hands In Mine) - 6:39
 4. Natt i Netanya (Night in Netanya) - 3:55
 5. På eventyr (Walkabout) - 6:27
 6. En la Playa (On the Beach) - 1:55
 7. Danza de Andalucia (Andalucian Dance) - 8:18
 8. Tango - 4:53
 9. Minner frå Enerhaug (Memories of Enerhaug) - 7:12
10. Grito de los Andes (Cry from the Andes) - 5:06
11. Mot Midnatt (Towards Midnight) - 4:35
12. Tur langs elva (Stroll along the River) - 3:21
13. Sommarsong (Summer Song) - 4:59

All compositions & arrangements Asgeir Aarøen

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Asgeir Aarøen - guitar, ukelele
Bjarte Mo - violin
Magnus Rød Haugland - double bass
Gabriel Chicaiza - percussion, palmas
Eddie Andresen - percussion (pots, shakers)
Saska Cvijanovic - flute, piccolo
Noelia Sabarea - dance, castanets
Aina Schold - vocals

Stavanger String Session:
Bjarte Mo - violin
Eirik Stangenes - violin
Wouter Raubenheimer - viola
Ilmari Hopkins - cello


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