'Specialist Music' On BBC Local Radio Campaigns News 8th May 2011

All the latest news, info, rumour, gossip, comment and more concerning the Save DJ Ritu's A World in London show on BBC London and Save' Folkwaves' on BBC Radio Derby campaigns! And now also incorporating the Save BBC Local Radio campaign!

The Best Bits First

Once again DJ Ritu cheers us all up with another fabulous installment of A World in London Goes Solo on Mixcloud! For those not familiar with this show and DJ Ritu, A World in London is the best world music show to have graced British airwaves until it was axed by BBC London, with the last show having gone out on 1st January this year. This is the fourth new AWiL, April 20th cloudcast of cut-down new shows, the first having become available on March 4th. (See also previous versions of this page.) Anything from world beat to folk - oh yes, no fear of the f-word here! to world jazz - DJ Ritu has it all and then some!

DJ Ritu / A World In London: April 20th 2011 Cloudcast - A World In London brings you the best new global sounds! And it's even embedded at right for your listening pleasure and convenience. Of course, this should have been here a few weeks ago already now, but a sudden death - that of the computer; may it rust in pieces! - intervened and set things back a few weeks, alas.

You can also check it out via DJ Ritu's web site, which you should also visit for world music charts, gig guides, the latest 'Hot Tracks' and so much more!

Also the new AWiL is now available from Radio Groovalization podcasts!

For your convenience, here is a track list of the April 20th show. You can also buy tracks/albums by going to the Mixcloud page and clicking on the 'buy' link next to each track!

 1 Quantic Presenta The Flowering Inferno - Cumbia Sobre El Mar
 2 A Hawk & A Hacksaw - Espanola Kolo
 3 Cravo & Canela - Preço De Cada Um
 4 Imam Baildi - Akrogialies Deilina
 5 Sakaki Mango - Tadzungaira
 6 Tarika - Raha Tiany
 7 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Piya Re
 8 Jaako Laitinen & Vaara Raha - Han Ei Lemmi Mua
 9 Munto Valdo - Musseing
10 Drums United - Ritmo Inferno

Dj Ritu/A World In London 20/4/11 by Djritu on Mixcloud

Logo - DJ Ritu

DJ Ritu and A World in London are back! At least, in a temporary Cloudcast form until BBC London 94.9 can be made to see the grave error of their ways.

And as you can see and hear, it's another fabulous selection of tracks! Plus there is of course A World In London's Going Global essential gigs guide!

There's even more good news from DJ Ritu - another new AWiL show should be along anytime now! So keep checking DJ Ritu's web site for news!

To find out how you too can help in making the BBC see sense and help to have DJ Ritu's A World in London, as well as Mick Peat & Lester Simpson's Folkwaves and other 'specialist music' shows reinstated please see further down the page.

Sace AWiL Logo

Folkwaves Campaign Logo

Save BBC Local Radio Logo

No News Is Good News

There is currently very little or no news coming from any of the campaign groups. The AWiL and Folkwaves campaigns are busy behind the scenes considering and preparing for the next moves - bear in mind there's nobody who could run these campaigns full time, it's all a labour of love that has to be carried on in spare time.

The Folkwaves campaign is currently also awaiting the outcome of its appeal in re: its complaint to the BBC. In this respect, no news as to be considered good news, at least for now.

As for the various campaigns to save BBC Local Radio, no concrete actions are apparent at present. However, as BBC LR seems save enough for the present, it would be hard to see the point in any such possible activities. Even so it is good to have these campaigns around should the situation change at some point. I don't think anybody needs to have it pointed out to them that the BBC simply cannot be trusted.

Small campaign groups on Facebook seem to be springing up specifically concerned with each individual BBC LR station. This is perhaps a good way to keep attention on this matter in the various local areas.

Support The Campaigns And Help Restore A World In London, Folkwaves And Other Shows!

You can find out more about the campaigns and how to support them here:

Save DJ Ritu's A World in London show on BBC London (Facebook)
Save AWiL Blog (on blogspot.com)
twitter.com/saveawil (twitter)
There also is a Save AWiL Online Petition - please sign this now if you haven't already done so!

Save' Folkwaves' on BBC Radio Derby (Facebook)
Save Folkwaves Forum (on Save Folkwaves web site; the rest of the site is currently still under construction)

SOS Skues on Sundays (Facebook)

Save-BBC-local-radio (Facebook Page)
Save BBC Local Radio (Facebook Group)
twitter.com/savebbclocal (twitter)


Save BBC London Radio (Facebook Page)

Please join the fight and help save all these excellent shows and BBC Local Radio itself! Remember, it's your BBC! Make sure the Beeb knows it!

To survive long term, BBC Local Radio needs high quality, popular shows like DJ Ritu's A World in London, Mick Peat and Lester Simpson's Folkwaves, and others. It needs diversity of programming. It needs to differentiate itself from all the undifferentiated pap that (for the most part) is commercial local radio, not emulate it as seems to be the current trend.

Most importantly of all, the BBC needs to be made aware of what its listeners really want (rather than what the BBC thinks its listeners should want!), and they need to be made aware that they have to listen to what people want. The BBC needs to learn that it's the licence fee payer's BBC, it's your BBC, not theirs!

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