'Specialist Music' On BBC Local Radio Campaigns News 11th April 2011

All the latest news, info, rumour, gossip, comment and more concerning the Save DJ Ritu's A World in London show on BBC London and Save' Folkwaves' on BBC Radio Derby campaigns! And now also incorporating the Save BBC Local Radio campaign!

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New AWiL Podcasts

Good news is that DJ Ritu's new A World in London is available as podcasts on Radio Groovalizacion from now on. At least, for the time being until it can be restored to its proper home on BBC London 94.9!

Bad news is, no new AWiL yet since the March 21st one.

Good news is, a new A World in London should be along from DJ Ritu within the next day or two! So keep a lookout on DJ Ritu's web site, where you'll also find all the latest great hot tracks, World Music chart, and lots more.

All Quiet On The Campaign Front

Things have been a little quiet on the campaigns front lately, especially with the recent fine weather distracting people to other pursuits... However, this does not mean that nothing at all is happening. Behind the scenes, the campaign teams of both the Save DJ Ritu's A World in London show on BBC London and Save' Folkwaves' on BBC Radio Derby campaigns are busy exploring new avenues of carrying the battle forward.

Hopefully, there will be more news very soon.

BBC Local Radio Safe - For Now?

It would appear, following staff briefings at the BBC, that the proposal    (for    consideration)   of

cutting BBC Local Radio to Breakfast and Drivetime programming only while carrying Radio 5 Live on their frequencies the rest of the time are very much off the table at least for the time being.

This would seem to tie in with reports that some BBC Local Radio stations have in fact already been allocated increased budgets for among others outside broadcasts.

But while the immediate future of BBC local broadcasting may be secure, it is as well to keep campaigns to save BBC Local Radio as active as possible. Problems very much remain with regard to the longer term future of BBC LR.

The biggest of these problems is diversity of programming, or rather the current lack thereof, and LR's role in the broadcasting of 'specialist music' programmes which currently are on the verge on extinction.

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Through this very lack of diversity, BBC LR furthermore increasingly fails to distinguish itself from commercial radio. The seemingly ever-increasing number of 'talk shows' on BBC Local Radio can be equally well found on any number of commercial stations. And it's not as if the BBC product were any better in quality than its commercial counterpart. On the contrary, BBC LR has managed to serve up some of the worst 'talk shows' in the history of broadcasting. One need only think of The Sunny & Shay Show which has displaced DJ Ritu's high quality, highly locally relevant A World in London show on BBC London 94.9. Shamateur radio at its worst. And appearing more like an offshoot of the Asian Network than anything else - its relevance and interest to majority of London's diverse communities is certainly almost nonexistent. BBC East Midland's Richard Spurr Show, which displaced the high quality, high local relevance Mick Peat & Lester Simpson's Folkwaves and a number of other 'specialist music' shows there, fares little better although it is at least presented and produced in a professional manner.

BBC Local Radio needs diversity in programming, and needs   high   quality  programmes  including  'specialist

music' shows to remain relevant and to distinguish itself from its commercial competitors.

More than ever, BBC Local Radio needs shows like A World in London and Folkwaves, and other 'specialist music' shows.

The axing of these shows was unjustifiable and plainly wrong in the first place. Moreover, it would seem to also be in clear violation of the BBC's local radio broadcasting remit, which clearly specifies that 'specialist music' programming must be included in its off-peak schedules.

It is well past time that the BBC were made to see the error of its ways!

Folkwaves Supporters - Did You Know?

Just a little aside for all friends of Folkwaves and Folkwaves' co-presenter Lester Simpson.

Glorious folk band The Unthanks, whose latest stunning album Last was just released last month (and which we hope to review in due course!) and whose previous album, the amazing Here's The Tender Coming, is reviewed this week, list Coope, Boyes & Simpson (CBS) as one of their influences.

Support The Campaigns And Help Restore A World In London, Folkwaves And Other Shows

You can find out more about the campaigns and how to support them here:

Save DJ Ritu's A World in London show on BBC London (Facebook)
Save AWiL Blog (on blogspot.com)
twitter.com/saveawil (twitter)
There also is a Save AWiL Online Petition - please sign this now if you haven't already done so!

Save' Folkwaves' on BBC Radio Derby (Facebook)
Save Folkwaves Forum (on Save Folkwaves web site; the rest of the site is currently still under construction)

SOS Skues on Sundays (Facebook)

Save-BBC-local-radio (Facebook Page)
Save BBC Local Radio (Facebook Group)
twitter.com/savebbclocal (twitter)


Please join the fight and help save all these excellent shows and diversity on BBC Local Radio itself!

Remember, it's your BBC! Make sure the Beeb knows it!

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