The Neo-Book Burners And 'The People Of The Book'

3rd October 2011

I normally steer clear of politics on this site as far as I can. That is not, after all, what this site is concerned with in the ordinary course of events. However, when an artist - in this case, an author - whose work has been reviewed on this site, and that author and his work become the subject of sustained smear campaigns and worse, then it is clearly every freedom-loving decent human being's duty to speak out. While we still have that precious freedom, that the very people who conduct these kinds of campaigns would so clearly and dearly like to take away from us.

The author and work we are concerned with here is that unique seeker of truth, freedom and beauty, and jazz phenomenon, Gilad Atzmon, and his latest book, The Wandering Who? - A Study of Jewish Identity Politics. (Reviewed on this site last month.) The sustained campaigns of puerile smears, distortions and outright lies by the would-be neo-book burners started weeks ago and show no signs of abating.

Indeed, they already rang alarm bells for me, very loudly, when I wrote my review. They conjured up horrifying images of the Nazi book burnings of the last century in my mind. And it is well that we all should be greatly alarmed by these neo-book burners who would deprive us of our freedom to be informed, even if the information might not always be to our liking, and who thereby would also deprive us of our freedom of speech, of our freedom to discuss such, perhaps uncomfortable to some, works.

Yet, who actually are these people, these neo-book burners, who are threatening some of our most basic freedoms? One would, perhaps, expect them to be Aryan, WASP neo-Nazis or their ilk. But here is the perhaps most horrifying, alarming bit:

For the most part, the neo-book burners are people who would describe themselves as the 'People of the Book,' Zionists, Jewish anti-Zionists, the 'Jewish Left,' hasbara (propaganda) writers, ex-IDF (Israeli Defence Force) personnel, London's The JC (as the Jewish Chronicle likes to call itself these days), and their ilk.

Now, before anybody jumps out of their panties to call me an anti-semite, let me make it clear that, like Atzmon, I am an 'Equal Opportunities Hater' - I hate (and consequently, love) everybody equally.

Furthermore, let me make it absolutely clear here that I am freedom-loving, and, I hope, at least a half-decent human being, and that I can see no question about proudly proclaiming my fullest support for Gilad Atzmon and truth, freedom, and justice.

No freedom-loving individual could but stand shoulder to shoulder with Atzmon in the face of these vicious attacks against him, his book, and yes, freedom itself.

Gilad Atzmon speaks about The Wandering Who? Israel, Zionism Jewishness, Jewish identity politics, tribalism and so on. A film by Tali Atzmon

Yet, what exactly is it that these would-be neo-book burners and would-be robbers of our freedom are so terrified of? Could it perhaps, as usual with those who would deprive others of freedom, be truth?

You will have to make up your own mind of course. But the facts and circumstances speak for themselves.

Nobody could speak more eloquently on these hate campaigns against him, The Wandering Who? and those that support him than Atzmon himself. I therefore leave all the gory details to the author and an article he published on 29th September 2011 titled Are They Really ‘The People Of The Book’?, reproduced in full below with Atzmon's permission.

Again, let there be no doubt or misunderstanding that I, and this site, lend our fullest support to Gilad Atzmon. If this should make me too a target for his detractors, so be it. They may do their worst, but lo and behold, it will be like the proverbial water off a duck's backside.

In defence of truth and freedom!

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Gilad Atzmon's The Wandering Who? - A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics is being launched within the framework of A Panel Discussion on 'Jewish Identity Politics' at Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA on Monday, 10th October from 7.30-9.30 pm. Rainlore's World of Music urges every freedom-lover to come and attend this event and support Gilad Atzmon.

Gilad Atzmon's The Wandering Who? - A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics is widely available since 30th September inc. on Amazon and Amazon UK.

Gilad Atzmon: Are They Really ‘The People Of The Book’?

Originally published by Gilad Atzmon on 29th September, 2011 on his web site and reproduced here with the author's permission. The author's copyright and all and any other rights are hereby fully acknowledged.

(Please note that hyperlinks contained within the original article have been lost in re-formatting. Other than this, the article is entirely un-edited.)

Ahead of the publication of my “The Wandering Who” the entire Zionist network is in a total panic. Veterans Today’s senior Editor Gordon Duff commented yesterday that just a ‘few books have been opposed as this one has’. He may as well be right.

It started last Friday, with the Hasbara mouthpiece “Jewish Chronicle” of London attacking Professor Mearsheimer for endorsing a book ‘by an antisemite’.

I don’t know how many times do I have to mention that I am not an antisemite for I really hate everyone equally. For some reason, my detractors refuse to take this simple message on board.

Then, the Islamophobic agent-provocateur “Harry’s place” -- who never miss a chance to muddy the water -- joined in, intimidating and harassing a London academic just because she tweeted that she likes Atzmon’s book

Just before London Tea Time, America woke up. Within the hour, her Zionist stooges were ready to join the campaign. EX- IDF concentration camp guard Jeffrey Goldberg* had a clear plan to chew Professor John J. Mearsheimer circulating the same banal and unsubstantiated accusations.

At that stage, it appeared to be a campaign that was run by hundreds of Zionist enthusiasts – but if one scratches the surface, it was actually an orchestrated move of barely more than five Jewish bloggers, who have managed to mobilise another twenty or so book burners or shall we call them ‘wandering sockpuppets’ that habitually attack in different areas of the net and the press, co-coordinating to harass, bully and intimidate, with the same dull, repetitive, accusations, ‘arguments’ and smears.

By Sunday night the Guardian published an appalling piece by one Andy Newman of Swindon , who, according to one of his “Socialist Unity” editors, attacked Atzmon simply to appease the relentlessly Islamophobic “Harry’s Place” public.

Top columnist and Middle East analyst Jonathan Cook reacted to the Guardian smear saying, “whatever one thinks of Atzmon, this is clearly a smear job of him (and Alison Weir). Where is the evidence, or even convincing argument, for the claims being made? It is pure Pravda.” Not exactly a flattering comment on the Guardian.

By then it was clear that Islamophobic Award winning Harry’s Place wasn’t going to stop.

In fact Harry Place’s, Goldberg and JC collective shameless tantrum is explored in The Wandering Who. I define it as ‘Pre Traumatic Stress Syndrome,’ as opposed to Post Traumatic stress syndrome. They are all terrorized and genuinely traumatized by a book they refuse to read with the hope that the Goyim may surrender and ban it on their behalf.

On Monday afternoon, Professor Mearsheimer published a complete expose of Goldberg’s lameness and the tactics he and his ilk use against myself and others. They quote out of context, they ‘copy and paste’, they forge paragraphs, they deliberately and consciously attribute misleading meanings. In fact, none of those who reacted to the book negatively has read the book or any of my papers. They all refer to quotes that were picked arbitrarily from the ‘Amazon Lookinside page’. I find myself wondering, are these people really the ‘People of the Book’? I guess that People of the ‘Copy & Paste’ is a much better description for Goldberg and his wandering sockpuppets.

Within minutes after Mearsheimer revealed the typical deceitful operation, the wandering sockpuppets were called in to fight Mearsheimer and Walt at the “Foreign Affair Journal” site. By the time they finished posting their filth, the respected magazine comment section looked indeed like a cyber shtetle.

In a final desperate attempt to jeopardize the publication of the book and to silence its author. Richard Seymour AKA ‘Lenin Thumb’, authored a new anti Atzmon manifesto

I read Richard ‘Lenin’ Seymour’s text with interest and found out that for some reason, both ‘avant-garde revolutionary’ Seymour’s text, and Guardian’s ‘socialist’ Andy Newman’s drivel are suspiciously far too similar to the unforgettable ‘Aaronovitch Reading Atzmon’ performance at the Oxford Literature Festival.

One may wonder how come Seymour, an alleged revolutionary radical Marxist, Andy Newman, a mediocre socialist and Neocon pro war Aaronovitch are caught together naked holding ideological hands.

How is it that the three try to prevent myself and others from criticising Jewish political lobbying. For some reason they also don’t want us to look closely into the events that led to the financial turmoil. How is it possible that a hard core Zionist and ultra radical leftists are not only employing the same ideological argument but also performing the exact same tactics? Clearly, there is an obvious ideological and political continuum between Aaronovitch, Newman and Seymour. The Wandering Who scrutinizes this very continuum.

Zionism clearly maintains and sustains its ‘radical left opposition’ and the logos behind such a tactic is simple- ‘revolutionary’ left is totally irrelevant to both the conflict and its resolution. Hence, Zionists cannot dream of an easier opposition to handle. When the Zionists detect a dangerous rising intellect who aims at the truth, they obviously utilize and mobilize the Jewish left together with the few willing Sabbath Goyim executioners to gatekeep the emerging danger. Seymour, Newman and a just few others are always happy to slay the emerging intellect.

Indeed they were effective for years. From an intellectual perspective our movement is pretty much a desert. Every deep thinker we have ever had has been targeted and destroyed by the Jewish Left and their Sabbath Goyim. But for some reason, they somehow failed with me. My views on Palestine and Israel are now circulated on most dissident journals and my book The Wandering Who is endorsed by the most important people scholars and activists in our discourse.

So far, all efforts to stop the book have fallen apart . There is no sign of anyone pulling the book out but there are clear signs that the Hasbara orchestrated campaign has backfired. No one surrendered to the Zionist campaign and its stooges. As they said in Tahrir Square, ‘we have lost our fear.’ The Wandering Who is now a best seller for more than a week (as far as Amazon ranking can tell). On the Jewish best seller list, it is even more popular than the Babylonian Talmud and the Torah. I guess that this is indeed a great concern for Zionists and their stooges, but there is nothing they can do about it.

You can now order Gilad Atzmon's New Book on or

* Jeffrey Goldberg made Aliya when he was eighteen: he left America for Israel, joined the IDF and served as a prison guard in an Israeli concentration camp during the First Intifada.

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