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Accordion! Accordion! Accordion! That pretty much sums up what the ZZ Double Zed Music label and web site are about.

Double Zed is a small Indie label based in London specialising in accordion music. Releases to the label's credit so far consist of three outstanding solo accordion albums by Romano Viazzani, one of the very finest exponents of the modern accordion and particularly also the modern classical accordion with a concerto to his composing credits among others, premiered by the maestro with the BBC Concert Orchestra in 2001 - the score (and parts) also being available from ZZ. The albums concerned are Piazzolla - Ángel Suite, Bobiç - Liturgical Suite, Encore, and Viazzani takes Stok, all three already reviewed on this site.

But 'ZZ' is much more than just an Indie label. The site also sells albums of accordion music in addition to its own releases, and the available selection is wide and eclectic. There are two earlier albums recorded by Viazzani with his earlier bands L'Orchestra Rara (cassette only at present) and The High Society Dance Orchestra, a selection of Gigi Stok albums, and albums by Owen Murray, Mauro Carra, Karen Street, acclaimed British Gypsy-Tango world music band ZUM, Eddie Hession, Buenes Aires Cafe, Marco Valenti, Ksenija Sidorova, Luca Piovesan, Claudio Jacomucci, Peter Katina, Karen Tweed and Andy Cutting, Pino Di Modugno, Tom Alexander, and Hubert Deuringer at the time of writing. That's more of a selection than you could easily shake a stick at and than you're likely to find in one place anywhere else! The gamut of music covered in these selections is equally amazingly wide. Anything from popular, folk, world music, dance music, to classical and almost anything in between and beyond. Anybody wishing to explore accordion music further really couldn't do better than making Double Zed their first stop.

And ZZ Music offers still lots more than albums. Also available are digital (MP3) downloads of all the tracks from Romano Viazzani's three recent albums. Then there is a vast range of sheet music and scores, covering anything from popular to jazz and classical music and new contemporary compositions for accordion, including by Viazzani. Again, as with the albums, you'd be very hard pressed to find a bigger selection in one place, or even one to match!

And there's still more! Double Zed also stock the excellent and popular range of An A to Z of the Accordion... series of books.

There's also the superb range of Beltrami accordions, available from ZZ. Anything from student models to top of the range professional and artists models, including the awesome, awe-inspiring Beltrami CVP7, as played by Romano Viazzani.

Photo of accordionist Romano Viazzani
Accordion maestro Romano Viazzani
playing his awesome Beltrami CVP7
at a gig with Gilad Atzmon & The OHE
(Photo © Richard A. Sharma)

Those intending to invest in a Beltrami instrument could not come to a better place for help and advice concerning their intended purchase than ZZ. Double Zed is run by accordion maestro extraordinaire Romano Viazzani himself and his wife Janet. They're part of an increasingly rare breed of people today - real nice people.

To round things off, Double Zed also features a gallery of artists playing Beltrami accordions.

All in all, Double Zed Music is probably the most valuable accordion resource out there in the wilds of the world wide web. Be sure to stop by and check them out!

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