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 Artist: Monsieur Camembert
 Formed: 1998
 Active: 1998 onward
 Group Members: Yaron Hallis (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, bandleader), Edouard Bronson (tenor/soprano sax, clarinet, flute, vocals), Svetlana Bunic (accordion, vocals), Yuri Terletski (lead guitar, vocals),Mark Szeto (double bass, vocals)
 Genre/s: 1) Jazz
2) World
 Sub-Genre/s: 1) World Jazz, Gypsy Swing
2) World Fusion

 Date Info First Pub'd: 2003/12/28
 Based: Sydney, Australia
   Contact: email
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Monsieur Camembert - L to R: Yuri Terletski (lead guitar, vocals), Svetlana Bunic (accordion, vocals), Mark Szeto (double bass, vocals), Edouard Bronson (tenor/soprano sax, clarinet, flute, vocals), and (front) Yaron Hallis (bandleader, lead vocals, rhythm guitar)

Australian-based band Monsieur Camembert are no cheese, big or otherwise. Bandleader, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Yaron Hallis formed Monsieur Camembert in 1998. In addition to Hallis, the band's current line-up consists of multi-woodwind player Edouard Bronson on tenor and alto saxes, clarinet, flute and vocals, Svetlana Bunic on accordion and vocals, Yuri Terletski on lead guitar and vocals, and Mark Szeto on double bass and vocals. An outstanding, very tight and incredibly versatile band, Monsieur Camembert's members are virtuoso players to a man and woman.

In addition, they are perfectly at home in an unusual, wide-ranging combination of styles, ranging from klezmer to Latin American/Afro-Latin, from Gypsy Swing to tango, Balkans to swing, Yiddish song to Musette, two or more of which are often combined in a highly successful and sophisticated fusion. Monsieur Camembert's repertoire is principally drawn from the same respective styles - gypsy music, gypsy swing, klezmer, Yiddish song, swing, Eastern European music, Musette music, and tango. The influence of Django Reinhardt and his and Stephane Grappelli's Quintette du Hot Club du France is unmistakable, yet it's practically impossible to squeeze this highly eclectic band into any convenient "genre" pigeonhole. Rather, Monsieur Camembert's music is a heady but extraordinarily tasteful and refined cocktail of all of these styles. The flavour of this cocktail at first comes as something of a surprise that gets more and more delightful with each sip.

The mix represented by Monsieur Camembert is an utterly irresistible one, exuberant and irrepressible, emotional and soulful in turn. A "ballsy" band combining originality and spontaneity with virtuosity and seemingly boundless energy and very evident enthusiasm and enjoyment, Monsieur Camembert perform with an infectious fervour and passion that must make them an irresistible live band, and here one has to simply envy the folks "down under" for having the advantage of their live performances.

Yaron Hallis' main performance background until the mid-1980s was in music-theatre and cabaret. He then formed an experimental, eclectic eight-piece ensemble in Perth, After The Fall, and after graduating from the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts he moved to Sydney in 1997. The following year, Hallis founded Monsieur Camembert. He also presents a weekly radio show devoted primarily to klezmer and gypsy music, The Gypsy Hot Club, on Sydney's Eastside Radio. In addition, Yaron Hallis is also the principal songwriter of Monsieur Camembert.

Multi-woodwind player Edouard Bronson, born in Moscow in 1946, studied piano, accordion, saxophone, clarinet & flute at the prestigious Gnessin Institute of Music and emigrated in 1971. Pursuing his musical career in Tel Aviv, New York City, Florida and finally Australia, Bronson has become a key figure in Australian improvised music and in addition to Monsieur Camembert also works with the Bronson/Evans Quintet which also features his own compositions. Born to Yugoslav parents in Canberra, accordionist Svetlana Bunic is a self-taught musician who further cultivated her natural talent with studies at the Queensland College of Art and the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music. Bunic has produced and performed numerous cabaret soundtracks for theatre and film. Equally at home with Latin, jazz, European, and Gypsy styles as well as contemporary genres, Monsieur Camembert provides her with the perfect vehicle to explore all these styles and more. Lead guitarist Yuri Terletski grew up in Odessa and studied classical and jazz guitar from age ten. He later added drums and bass guitar and upon graduation from the Odessa College of Music, he was invited to join the very popular Odessa Big Band. Terletski has taken part in many music festivals since 1983 and in 1996 emigrated to Australia, where he also performs as part of the duo Double T.

Monsieur Camembert have toured extensively throughout Australia as well as Hong Kong, and performed at numerous music festivals. They have also featured on Australian national radio broadcasts and have been the subject of a documentary film, Fusions: Monsieur Camembert. Their recording credits include three albums so far, the last two winning the prestigious ARIA Award for Best World Music Album two years in a row.

It remains fervently to be hoped that Monsieur Camembert will not be withheld from UK, European and North American audiences for too long. This band sounds far too glorious to miss!

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Album Cover - Live on Stage
 Live On Stage
  Album Cover - Absynthe



1999 Live At The Basement (out of print) 

2001 Live On Stage (Winner, 2002 ARIA Award, Best World Music Album) (MGM)

2003 Absynthe (Winner, 2003 ARIA Award, Best World Music Album)(MGM)




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