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Steel Pan Page of Rainlore's World of Music

(2011 Archived Steel Pan Page)

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No reviews this time, but some fantastic news about 2010/11 UK Calypso Monarch Alexander D Great and his 2011 winning calypso with Debra 'PanDiva' Romain, Trials Of A Pan Woman!

Their fabulous kaiso has been included as one of the Pan Tunes 2012 for TnT by the Pan On The Net web site! Their full page for Trials Of A Pan Woman is here.

This is fabulous news, so big big ups to Alexander D Great and Debra 'Pan Diva' Romain! It is to be hoped most fervently that their tune will be played during the 2012 TnT pan season, and best of luck is wished them both. A sweeter-for-pan tune for 2012 would be very hard to find, I am sure.

Photo of Alexander D Great and Debra 'PanDiva' Romain
Debra 'Pan Diva' Romain and Alexander D Great

To celebrate, and to celebrate panwomen everywhere, here is a more recent version of a video for Alexander D Great and Debra 'PanDiva' Romain's Trials Of A Pan Woman, at right.

Debra 'PanDiva' Romain & Alexander D Great - Trials of a Pan Woman
Written by Romain & Loewenthal
Produced by Martin York at La Niche Music

Rainlore's World of Music

© 2011 Rainlore's World of Music/Rainlore. All rights reserved.




Come one, come all, come see - a review / report of the UK Calypso Monarch 2011 Finals At The Tabernacle, Notting Hill, London W11, On Thursday 25th August 2011. Even though perhaps not strictly pan, but on the other hand it also includes a little report on Mangrove Steelband practicing, pre-show, for the London Panorama, which they subsequently won. And they not bad at all I must tell you. And of course this unmissable, fabulous show also saw reigning Calypso Monarch Alexander D Great defending his crown with collaborator Debra 'Pan Diva' Romain and the outstanding, Kitcheneresque Trials Of A Pan Woman, reviewed separately last week (complete with an early mix for you to listen to). Pan people everywhere in TnT you just have to listen to this kaiso, it's a pan tune if ever there was one. It will burn you, it so hot and sweet fuh pan so get your captains and arrangers and managers to listen!

Did Alexander D Great and Debra 'Pan Diva' Romain win? It always was an almost foregone conclusion! But see the review for all the sordid details, including another pan tune and a special guest appearance by reigning TnT Calypso Monarch Karene Asche.

On a sombre note, TnT suffered a great loss with the sudden death of Pat Bishop on Saturday, 20th August. After an initial diagnosis of a stroke and heart attack Ms. Bishop was rushed to the Port of Spain General Hospital, where she died in the Emergency Department, aged 71. Ms. Bishop was a pioneer in the art and cultural world, and something of a renaissance woman. Perhaps best known through her long and fruitful association with Desperadoes Steel Orchestra, as well as the Marionettes Chorale and her own choir, the Lydians, the extent of her cultural and artistic activities seemed as boundless as her energy and enthusiasm. Ms. Bishop will be sorely missed, and our heartfelt condolences go out to her family. RIP, Pat Bishop.


Rainlore's World of Music

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Hot on the heels of last week's update, another, very special one! Just one review - reigning UK Calypso Monarch Alexander D Great's calypso to defend his crown in 2011, Trials Of A Pan Woman with 'Pan Diva' Debra Romain. This was issued as a special edition CD single in aid of Artists For East African Famine Relief a couple of weeks ago. And if you're wondering what a review of kaiso is doing being introduced on a page dedicated to pan, read on.

It's a first for Rainlore's World of Music, a review of a single track single (and an early mix at that), but this song is so hot it will burn you! This calypso struck me as more than deserving of its own review, it really is that extraordinarily good. What's more, it is also a classic soca groove in the vein of the one and only Lord Kitchener, the Grandmaster, and thus strikingly perfect for arranging for steel pan. You just have to hear this - and you can, it's embedded in its full glory and the latest mix on the review page, courtesy of Alexander D Great! This really should be heard 'on de road' in TnT, it's just that good and that perfect for pan! Pan people, get your arrangers to listen to this, seriously. It just sweet fuh pan sweet pan.

The first mix of Alexander D Great's and Debra 'Pan Diva' Romain's Trials Of A Pan Woman. Even though only a first mix, it's already sounding great but you can hear a later mix on the review page.

Rainlore's World of Music

© 2011 Rainlore's World of Music/Rainlore. All rights reserved.




City Showcase Rootsa & Flutes Logo

News from Debbie Golt of Outerglobe/WOM@TT about this years City Showcase: Roots & Flutes event, which will now take place on 17th September in Mile End Park, London E14 (admission: free). Applications for selection must now be received by the new closing date of 15th July to talent AT Please see City Showcase's press release for full details.

City Showcase are looking for talented musicians of any age, solo or bands or orchestras; from steel bands to reggae or Rai, from classical ensembles to gospel choirs, from African to South American and all points across Asia and Europe including modern fusion roots.

All applicants will be entered into a public vote to select ten to perform on 17th September in front of an expert and celebrity panel at an entirely FREE event in Mile End Park. The overall winner will receive mentoring and performance slots in the Olympic year of 2012.

Entry for selection is FREE.

City Showcase has a proven track record of showcasing and helping young musicians of all genres including Jonathan Ansell, Myleene Klass, Panjabi Hit Squad, Jay Sean, Amy Dickson, O Duo, Modeste Hugues, Abdulkader Saadoun, Raghu Dixit – who have just won a Songlines Award, Camilla Kerslake, Raven Quartet, Sway, N-Dubz, Amy Winehouse, and Keane.

They now want to encourage musicians working in traditional or classical fields or who are fusing the old with the new to showcase their talents. Please note that, on this occasion, pure pop artists will not be selected.

Apply by emailing talent AT with your contact details and links to your biog, pic and music saying where you saw the invitation to apply . Closing date 15th July 2011.


Rainlore's World of Music

© 2011 Rainlore's World of Music/Rainlore. All rights reserved.




The feature 2011 Trinidad & Tobago Panorama Championships - Full Results now has all the results including those of the zonal preliminaries for the Traditional Bands. These were added last week as a 'silent' update, along with soe additional comments and corrections for which many thanks to the panmen who got in touch. I'm sure that errors and omissions remain in the results and would be grateful for any corrections through the Feedback form.


Rainlore's World of Music

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And so Panorama and carnival in Trinidad & Tobago have been and gone for another year. The feature 2011 Trinidad & Tobago Panorama Championships - Full Results lists all the results of this year's competition and proffers some comment, particular on the scandalous circumstances surrounding Renegades' semis performance which will forever remain a blot on PanTrinbago if not pan itself, as well as the lamentable state of affairs of the pan movement and Panorama itself.

At the moment, the results of the zonal preliminaries for the Traditional Bands are still missing but will be added in a 'silent' update probably in the next few days. Errors and omissions have almost certainly occurred in the process of compiling these results. Any corrections would be gratefully received through the Feedback form.

N.B. - Upload of this current site update has been delayed by one day due to unavoidable circumstances.


Rainlore's World of Music

© 2011 Rainlore's World of Music/Rainlore. All rights reserved.




Another year's highly controversial Panorama's over and done. I'm sure every true pan lover must still be reeling from the fiasco of the previous Saturday's semis.

What on earth could have possessed PanTrinbago to allow a fete to go ahead behind or beside the North Stand at the same time as the semis? That the noise disrupted (until it was finally stopped by intervention from the police) and ultimately undermined the performance of Renegades is I think perfectly understandable. What is utterly incomprehensible and ultimately, totally scandalous and an absolute outrage is that Renegades were still judged on this disrupted performance and consequently eliminated from the competition.

Considering what is at stake in respect of the National Panorama Finals, not least a TT$1,000,000 (about £100,000) prize for the winning band, Renegades would be more than justified in suing PanTrinbago and seeking substantial and punitive damages.

This incident once again shows that it is time for the whole pan movement to take a long hard look at PanTrinbago to decide whether this organisation really acts in its best interests and is still relevant. Maybe it is time to replace the fat cats with a proper grassroots organisation. Pan is an instrument of the people and by the people. PanTrinbago already betrayed this principle, and hence the whole pan movement and ultimately the people, when it joined in the capitalist exploitation of the pan and the people that is the development and patentisation of the G-Pan; the G-Pan - no matter how excellent it may otherwise be - is quite simply a betrayal of the people and stealing the pan from under the people's noses. (The E-Pan is an equally sinister and deplorable development.) Recently, the head of PanTrinbago threw a tantrum about the media being freeloaders at the expense of pan. Yet, doesn't PanTrinbago charge outrageous accreditation fees when it and the pan movement already benefits hugely from the publicity provided by the media and such events should actually be free to cover, with the exception of broadcasting rights?

Isn't it perhaps time for panmen and panwomen to take their fate into their own hands and start looking after their interests themselves? Even the whole Panorama concept and process - already messed about with to an unbelievable extent by PanTrinbago in recent years - needs to be looked at again long and hard (as indeed do other competitions), and in particular the whole judging process and selection of judges desperately needs reform as has been shown time and again by often downright bizarre outcomes. Isn't it time to stop this heavy reliance on academic judges, shouldn't panmen and panwomen rather be judged by their peers?

Keep pan a people's art, and keep pan honest!

And finally, to the results of last night's Trinidad & Tobago Panorama Finals 2011. Full results shortly, but for today, here are the results for the finals of the Large Band category, controversial as ever.

Placed - Band - Points - Playing Pos. - Song/Tune - Singer - Composer - Arranger

 1st - Trinidad All Stars - 278 - 1 - It’s Showtime - Anslem Douglas - Edwin Pouchet; Alvin Daniell - Leon “Smooth” Edwards
 2nd - Exodus - 276 - 2 - Calling Meh - Destra Garcia - Mark Loquan; Ken Philmore; Destra Garcia - Pelham Goddard
 3rd - Silver Stars - 275 - 8 - It’s Showtime - Anslem Douglas - Edwin Pouchet; Alvin Daniell - Edwin Pouchet
 4th - Invaders - 273 - 7 - Doh Be On Dat - Rembunction - Arddin Herbert; Ricardo Jones; Roland Yearwood - Arddin Herbert
 4th - Phase II Pan Groove - 273 - 4 - Do Something for Pan - Saché Alexander - Len "Boogsie" Sharpe; Gregory Ballantyne - Len "Boogsie" Sharpe
 6th - Fonclaire - 271 - 3 - A Raging Storm - The Original DeFosto - Winston Scarborough - Ken “Professor” Philmore
 7th - Desperadoes - 270 - 5 - Trini - Benjai - Rodney Le Blanc - Beverly Griffith
 7th - Siparia Deltones - 270 - 9 - Trini - Benjai - Rodney Le Blanc - Carlton “Zanda” Alexander
 9th - Redemption Sound Setters - 268 - 10 - It’s Showtime - Anslem Douglas - Edwin Pouchet; Alvin Daniell - Winston Gordon
10th - Starlift - 265 - 6 - In She Rainorama - The Original DeFosto - Winston Scarborough - Liam Teague

With Despers in joint-7th, and the (judging by their prelim and semi performances) well below par Phase II in 4th, you know something has to be seriously awry with the judging!

However, even with annoying judging and all, who wouldn't have loved to have been right there in de big yard, the Queen's Park Savannah stage, Port of Spain? Sigh... A bowl of pelau, a flask of strong coffee, a flask of the best rum in the world, and a night of the best pan in the universe - who could ask for more? You can keep heaven, give me Panorama any day!


Rainlore's World of Music

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Panorama prelims have been hotting up! Some very controversial judges' decisions, but what's new about that? The whole judging system needs serious reform - and has needed this for decades - if it is to be truly meaningful and relevant.

Just over two weeks remaining to 'de big yard!' May the best bands win, though this doesn't always happen...

Please note that as part of ongoing site maintenance the 2010 version of this page has now been moved to the Archives.


Rainlore's World of Music

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The heat is on! The Panorama (and carnival) season in Trinidad & Tobago is well under way. Trinidad National Panorama Final this year is on March 5th. The results will be available here ASAP. Oh to be in de Savanah on de night!

Please be aware that due to long-overdue 'site maintenance' being in progress, new items may be a little slow in coming along for a while although we'll do our best. Please also note that the 2010 content of this page will be moved to the Archives section soon.


Rainlore's World of Music

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Reviews are one of the major features of this site. Generally, reviews feature CD albums, but they will by no means be limited to CD releases. Previews and live performances, and even the odd demo, will also be covered as and when opportunities present themselves. Also, reviews are not necessarily of the latest releases only, rather, I aim to generally cover the best of what's around and that will often include reviews of older releases. Also, there is an index listing all CD reviews available on Rainlore's World of Music, which includes reviews of music from other genres, for example Jewish music, world music, classical, in fact just about anything, and another one listing all live music reviews.

Reviews added 2011/08/30:

UK Calypso Monarch 2011 Finals At The Tabernacle, Notting Hill, London W11, Thursday 25th August 2011 (2011/08/27)


Reviews added 2011/08/21:

Alexander D Great with Debra Romain :  Trials Of A Pan Woman (2011/08/16)

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Another major feature, the artists' profiles consist of brief profiles, complete with discographies, contact/booking and other useful information, for artists whose work has been reviewed on Rainlore's World of Music, or that have been given a special feature or profile.

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Both formal and informal articles, both on as well as off site, on all manner of topics relating to steel pan music. Titles are accompanied by brief descriptions of the content where necessary. A full index of articles and features is also available.

Features/Articles added 2011/03/14:

2011 Trinidad & Tobago Panorama Championships - Full Results - what it says on the tin, plus comment (2011/03/07)


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