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Steel Pan Page of Rainlore's World of Music

(2010 Archived Steel Pan Page)

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There's a long way to go in the campaign to save DJ Ritu's most excellent A World in London Saturday evening show on BBC London 94.9 from the axeman, David Robey, head of the station who remains adamant that the show will end from the New Year. Please join the campaign to save this fantastic world music show on Facebook, or on its new blog. Ideally, both! Please help fight this appalling travesty, and don't be put off by the form letter sent out in reply by Robey's PA - keep arguing the case! The situation may not look good, but don't give up the fight. Dropping AWIL would be a double blow to world music on the BBC as Mark Cole's World Service World of Music show will also be dropped from next March.

For more details, also see News for 2010/11/23.

Stand up for your rights as a licence payer and don't give up!

You can now also follow Rainlore's World of Music on Facebook!


Rainlore's World of Music

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Special: BBC plans to axe DJ Ritu's A World in London Saturday evening world music show on BBC London 94.9FM

For a great many years now the schedule of the BBC's local London radio station, BBC London 94.9 FM, has included a Saturday early evening programme that, broadly speaking, covers the realm of world music. For many years, this was the late great Charlie Gillett's The Sound of the City show, and when Charlie became too ill he passed on the reins to DJ Ritu and her A World in London show. In the nearly two years (if memory serves) that A World in London has now been running, it and indeed its superb presenter DJ Ritu have become something of a unique national institution and even national treasure, being heard far beyond the London area via the internet.

No other programme so well reflects London's - and indeed Britain's - hugely diverse multicultural population musically as AWIL. It brings the music of diverse culture to its audience, something that cannot be found elsewhere on British airwaves, and moreover all this is presented most excellently and entertainingly. Beyond that, AWIL is also highly educational and most decidedly helps broaden its audience's musical and cultural horizons. As such, DJ Ritu and her AWIL show make an invaluable contribution to not only the general culture of this country but to its multicultural society and to greater tolerance and understanding.

Now, the BBC plans to axe this most excellent programme at the end of December! This would be singular, shameful act of cultural vandalism and is simply beyond comprehension and belief.

Please support DJ Ritu and help save the wonderful programme that is A World in London. You can do so in a number of ways:

You can keep up with what is happening with Save DJ Ritu's A World in London show on BBC London on Facebook.

Please send emails of support to DJ Ritu to:

You can show your support by writing a personal email to cc'd to the Director General, also please cc to save just in case some messages get classed as spam and don't get through to the powers that be. Many thanks!

You can also lodge your complaints on the BBC Complaints - Homepage.

Emailing may also be useful.

Please help save A World in London! Unity is Power! Let's try to keep A World In London on the air and get this disgraceful decision overturned.


Rainlore's World of Music

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Rainlore's World of Music is in the process of establishing a presence on Facebook, so you'll be able to keep up with all the latest from there as well soon. A presence on mySpace Music has also been planned for some time and should be implemented fairly soon.

Finally, as we are nearing the end of the year, another first for Rainlore's World of Music. For the first time, "Albums of the Year" will be selected in various categories and announced with the next update. (Only albums released during 2010 will qualify.) Also, some very special albums of the past decade (i.e., albums released during the "noughties").


Rainlore's World of Music

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Two reviews that were lost a few years ago and turned up in their first draft recently have been given completely new reviews now, in the interests of fairness. One is Rudy Smith, Annise Hadeed, Felix Roach & Friends' Pan-Jazz Improvisations. The title here may be a bit misleading - for the reason why, see the review. The other is Pamberi Steel Orchestra's Carnival Madness, a wonderful compilation of their Panorama entries from 1988 to 1999. This was their debut album, though you would hardly believe it after hearing this superb recording.


Rainlore's World of Music

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Up shortly will be two pan reviews from a few years back that I'd thought had got lost but that I've just discovered first drafts of. However, rather than just reproducing the drafts and relying on memory, to be fair I shall write newly revised reviews. The albums in question are Pamberi Steel Orchestra's Carnival Madness from 1999/2006, and Rudy Smith/Annise Hadeed/Felix Roach & Friend's Pan-Jazz Improvisations from 1998/2006. These should be ready within the next couple of weeks or so.


Rainlore's World of Music

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The 2008/09 version of this page has now been archived.

I may now be able (from about a week's time or so) to accept a limited number of new submissions for album reviews. While I welcome pan submissions from anywhere, due to limited time and resources at the moment I am likely to give priority to submissions from T&T pansides/pannists and those from the UK. Please check the Review form, accessible from the Contact page, in about 7-10 days' time.

Finally, it has come to our attention that there appear to be a few minor problems with our web forms, specifically with radio buttons and check boxes, with some browsers. This is continuing to be checked out, but as everything seems to work just fine in Internet Explorer, it seems likely that the problem lies with the other browsers in that they may not have fully implemented this aspect of forms. In which case there appears little that can be done about it other than to suggest you temporarily switch to Internet Explorer in order to use our forms, if you are affected. Flash based forms might be another option longer term.


Rainlore's World of Music

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Quick bit of news from Saturday's National Panorama Finals in TnT. Top ten positions in the Large Bands:

1st - Silver Stars (Battle Zone, arr. Edwin Pouchet) (291 pts)
2nd - Phase II Pan Groove (Pan Army, arr. Len "Boogsie" Sharpe) (284 pts)
3rd - Trinidad All Stars (Large is Large, arr. Leon "Smooth" Edwards) (282 pts)
4th - Invaders (Tell Dem, arr. Arddin Herbert) (274 pts)
4th - Renegades (Battle Zone, arr. Kenneth Guppy Brown) (274 pts)
6th - Skiffle Bunch (Pan on Fire, arr. Keith Salcedo) (271 pts)
7th - Harmonites (Smooth Sailing, arr. Yohan Popplewell) (268 pts)
7th - Desperadoes (Musical Magnum, arr. Robert Greenidge) (268 pts)
9th - Redemption Sound Setters (Pan on Fire, arr. Winston Gordon) (264 pts)
10th - Fonclaire (Rewind, arr. Ken "Professor" Philmore) (260 pts)

Personally, I'm gutted. But then, no two people are ever going to agree on Panorama results. Quite heartening though to see Valley Harps and Merrytones doing quite well in the Medium and Small Bands respectively, scoring 5th and 3rd place.

Also, I'm hoping to open up the submissions form for albums shortly, at least, initially, for pan albums only.


Rainlore's World of Music

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Reviews are one of the major features of this site. Generally, reviews feature CD albums, but they will by no means be limited to CD releases. Previews and live performances, and even the odd demo, will also be covered as and when opportunities present themselves. Also, reviews are not necessarily of the latest releases only, rather, I aim to generally cover the best of what's around and that will often include reviews of older releases. Also, there is an index listing all CD reviews available on Rainlore's World of Music, which includes reviews of music from other genres, for example Jewish music, world music, classical, in fact just about anything, and another one listing all live music reviews.

Reviews added 2010/09/12:

Pamberi Steel Orchestra :  Carnival Madness (2010/09/06)

Rudy Smith, Annise Hadeed, Felix Roach & Friends :  Pan-Jazz Improvisations (2010/09/07)

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Artists' Profiles

Another major feature, the artists' profiles consist of brief profiles, complete with discographies, contact/booking and other useful information, for artists whose work has been reviewed on Rainlore's World of Music, or that have been given a special feature or profile.

Profiles added:

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Articles & Features

Both formal and informal articles, both on as well as off site, on all manner of topics relating to steel pan music. Titles are accompanied by brief descriptions of the content where necessary. A full index of articles and features is also available.

Features/Articles added 2010:


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