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Outstanding features this week include the first part of an exclusive in-depth interview with Afro-Latin jazz and jazz flute giant Mark Weinstein. The second part will follow next week. Because of its in-depth nature and great length this interview had to be split into two parts. It was a most congenial chat and we talked about Jazz Brasil, Brazilian music, jazz flute, Herbie Mann, important past and present collaborators like Nilson Matta, Kenny Barron, Pablo Aslan, Aruan Ortiz and others, ongoing and future projects, and more. Weinstein's latest album Jazz Brasil, to be released in January, was reviewed last week.

A second exclusive in-depth interview is with Sarah Gillespie, the giga volt electrifying Anglo American singer-songwriter. In what again proved a very congenial chat, we talked about the new album In The Current Climate, Gilad Atzmon, Sarah Gillespie's extraordinary lyrics, her inspirations, the forthcoming tour and more. In The Current Climate with jazz legend Gilad Atzmon, also featuring regulars Ben Bastin on bass and Enzo Zirilli on drums, was also reviewed last week and is also to be released in January.

Last but not least, a little special feature on Classic Soca Anthems From The Golden Age Of Soca and the music of Trinidad & Tobago (as well as the wider eastern Caribbean). The vibrant music of this part of the world is sadly too often ignored in the wider world of world music, and here we hope to take one small step in helping to set this to rights. After a brief introduction to the genre of soca music we explore some of the greatest anthems that it produced during its golden age from the 1970s to roughly the mid 90s, complete with embedded YouTube videos/audio.


Happy 2011!

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Two articles that originally appeared in the news sections of the Jazz and Jewish Music pages have been extracted as separate articles in view of their significance. Although one comes from the sphere of music, both are of a political nature. This web site normally steers clear of politics, but these two matters were just too important to keep quiet about. The articles are, Will The Real Artie Fishel Please Stand Up, - vaguely and very broadly on the topic of jazz, Mike Gerber, a writer for the Jewish Socialist Magazine, a publication of the Jewish Socialists' Group, and author of a tome somewhat dubiously titled Jazz Jews, is to host a show on UK-based internet radio station, like his book titled, perhaps somewhat disturbingly, Jazz Jews. From Gerber's press release, it would appear that this is to be a "Jews only" show. Discover why this is so disturbing.

Welcome To The Dark Side... or, The Jazza Festival, A New Hope, And The Rabbi And The Gentiles, concerns a prominent Sephardi Rabbi and former Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rav Ovadia Yosev's pronouncements as part of a sermon reported in the Jerusalem Post of 18th October. The truly horrifying statements by the good Rav cannot be ignored. At a time when the Jazza Festival in London just days earlier, and also just days earlier an unprecedented uncensored no holds barred interview with Gilad Atzmon and Robert Wyatt in Haaretz, gave hope that not only had the tide changed but maybe, just maybe there might be the beginnings of a real sea change with regard to the situation pertaining to Israel and Palestine, the Rav comes along and crushes any such optimism with an insight into what is truly one of the darkest kinds of mentality imaginable. Welcome to the dark side, Lu... err, Yisrael?

Rainlore's World of Music is in the process of establishing a presence on Facebook, so you'll be able to keep up with all the latest from there as well soon. A presence on mySpace Music has also been planned for some time and should be implemented fairly soon.

Finally, as we are nearing the end of the year, another first for Rainlore's World of Music. For the first time, "Albums of the Year" will be selected in various categories - as well as a "Book of the Year" - and announced with the next update. (Only albums released during 2010 will qualify.) Also, some very special albums of the past decade (i.e., albums released during the "noughties").


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A special television review was in order for BBC2's A Band For Britain, a three part series broadcast on Mondays this month about the Dinnington Colliery Band, a failing brass band brought back from the brink with a little help from the programme and Sue Perkins, its excellent presenter and unstoppable driving force. The British brass band movement, a glorious British tradition and heritage, has sadly fallen upon very hard times and is in grave peril, with many of the remaining bands struggling or failing. Dinnington was one such failing band, and A Band For Britain set out to help its revival and served as a very timely reminder of the tragic state of the brass band in modern Britain. A last minute rallying cry to save our great British brass bands!


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A new article for anybody with any kind of interest in the accordion and accordion music about London Indie lable and web site ZZ Double Zed Music. The accordion and its wonderful music is all too often overlooked or neglected, and it is hoped that this little article will help in redressing the balance a little perhaps. If you're looking for accordion music albums, ZZ should be your first stop! Likewise, for anything else accordion!


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Articles & Features


Features/Articles added 2011/01/03:

The Rainlore Interview: Mark Weinstein (Part Two) (2010/12/16)


Features/Articles added 2010/12/27:

The Rainlore Interview: Mark Weinstein (Part One) (2010/12/16) The jazz flute and Afro-Latin jazz legend on his new album Jazz Brasil and lots besides.

The Rainlore Interview: Sarah Gillespie (2010/12/20) The sensational singer-songwriter on her latest album with jazz giant Gilad Atzmon In The Current Climate and lots more.

Classic Soca Anthems From The Golden Age Of Soca (2010/12/26) What it says on the tin - an exploration of some of the greatest anthems of this genre and the music of Trinidad & Tobago and the wider eastern Caribbean. A feast for world music lovers.


Features/Articles added 2010/11/21:

Will The Real Artie Fishel Please Stand Up (2010/10/28) The "Jazz Jews" radio show, the mis-conception of a "Jewish Jazz" sub-genre, and ghettoisation.

Welcome To The Dark Side... or, The Jazza Festival, A New Hope, And The Rabbi And The Gentiles (2010/10/28) You'd think that Nazi ideology and language should be abhorrent to any human being, let alone any Jew. Yet, deeply disturbingly, Israel seems far from being a stranger to both.


Features/Articles added 2010/03/28:

Television Review: A Band For Britain (March 2010, BBC2) (2010/03/23) Three-part series that focused on the plight of the failing Dinnington Colliery Band and, 'under the baton' of Sue Perkins, aided the band's revival.


Features/Articles added 2010/03/14:

Double Zed Music - Everything Accordion! Article exploring what is probably the greatest single accordion music resource on the web, ZZ Music. Everything from accordion albums by a huge variety of artists, accordion sheet music, books and more to accordions of the highest pedigree from Claudio Beltrami.


Features/Articles added 2009/07/26:

Composing and Arranging for the Steel Pan - Part I : Basics / An Overview of the Special Issues in Writing and Arranging for the Steel Pan By Richard A. Sharma


Features/Articles added 2009/04/26:

Things. Places. Years. by Klub Zwei is a documentary film that had its UK premier in 2004. A series of interviews with twelve women, including the Jewish Music Institute's Geraldine Auerbach MBE, give a unique perspective on the emigre condition and Jewish identity, particularly in the aftermath of the Holocaust.


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