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Jewish Music page of Rainlore's World of Music

(2012 Archived Jewish Music Page - Please note that this section is now regrettably permanently moved to archive due to lack of submissions and other content. However, any new submissions and other content will be carried in the Other World Music section.)

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Rainlore's World of Music will become simply Rainlore's World in the New Year, with a subtext of '- Music, Arts & Letters.' This is in order to reflect the much broader spectrum the site has come to include over the years. Over the next year or two, a thorough revamp of the site is hoped to be carried out to take this into account and to simplify the site and make it more user-friendly too. For the time being, the domain will remain the same. Comments and suggestions always welcome.

Please remember that regrettably, the 'Jewish Music' section will be discontinued and moved to archive in the New Year due to lack of submissions and other content. However, submissions and other content will be carried in the 'Other World Music' section!

Don't forget Alban Low, currently artist-in-residence at Twickfolk, Twickenham, will be having an exhibition, Art of Folk, from 6pm on Sunday 27th January 2013 at Twickfolk, The Cabbage Patch, 67 London Rd., Twickenham TW1 3SZ. Admission is free, and music is provided by Alan Franks from 7pm to put you even more in the mood! An event not to be missed! Low is renowned for his illustrations of gigs (inc. some he has already kindly done for this site!), album artwork as well as animations, including commissions for the BBC. In the meantime, you can find out more about his amazing work and download a catalogue of posters and prints at Alban Low's web site.

Also, don't miss the one and only DJ Ritu's superb A World in London show this week or any week whatever you do, either live on Wednesdays at 2pm on SOAS Radio, or later as play again on SOAS Radio and podcast on iTunes when it returns in the New Year following a well-deserved Festive Season break! This show often gives airplay to Jewish music and musicians! You can also check Ritu's fab web site for much more! More also on the 'Other World Music' page.

Happy New Year!


Rainlore's World of Music

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Sorry, no, no Rolling Stones review - Mick J. obviously forgot to arrange for the AAA press tix. And he's such a nice boy, really. Ah well...

Instead, we one other long promised review - a great album! It's Music Pilgrim Trio's Spanning The Globe, an album that's almost all over the place, culturally and geographically speaking. A colourful, spicy potpourri that takes in Latin, Russian, Yiddish songs, klezmer, and more! It also features the amazing and almost ubiquitous woodwind wiz, Seth Kibel.

Please bear in mind that sadly, the Jewish Music section of Rainlore's World of Music will move into archive from the New Year due to lack of submissions and other content. This will then be covered in the 'Other World Music' section. In the meantime, I wish you all a freylekhn un gitn khanike!


Rainlore's World of Music

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Shir Live in London (17/11) and Manchester (15/12)
Shir ‘live’ at West London Synagogue - tomorrow!
Saturday, 17 November 2012 7.30pm
A charity concert in support of Norwood and West London Synagogue’s ERETZ programme.
Shir return to the stunning setting of the West London Synagogue in Marble Arch to play a charity concert of their "complete" blend of Jewish music, reflecting the stunning diversity of music from the Jewish diaspora.
Klezmer, Israeli, Sefardi, Ladino and Mizrahi all mix together to create an exciting evening of spontaneous energy and emotion.
Tickets: £15 and £12 (concession), generous group rates also available.
Includes interval drink.
Book on line at
or by telephone: Linda Stone on 020 7535 0259
West London Synagogue
34 Upper Berkeley Street W1H 5AU
(Nearest Tube: Marble Arch/Edgware Rd)

Shir in Manchester - A Chanukah Concert
Join Shir for the band’s first ever gig at the historic Jacksons Row Synagogue for the last night (8th candle) of Chanukah.
at Jacksons Row Synagogue
Jacksons Row, Manchester, M2 5NH
Sat 15 December 7.30pm
8th candle lighting prompt (JMT!) at 7:30 followed by the concert
Tickets £10 (members and concessions £8)
Box Office 0161 834 0415

And a review of an exciting new album next site update!


Rainlore's World of Music

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On Wednesday 24th October at 8pm you can catch Ayelet Rose Gottlieb (vocals) & Daphna Sadeh (bass) at the Vortex Jazz Club, Dalston, London N16, for a special night of music featuring their original compositions, inspired by Jazz, Middle-Eastern, Israeli music and poetry. They are joined by a stellar band, including Stewart Curtis (woodwinds), Paul Shanti Jayasinha (trumpet), Barry Green (piano), and Guy Schalom (percussion and drums).

And coming up shortly, an album review.


Rainlore's World of Music

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British Jewish music band extraordinaire Shir are back at the stunning West London Synagogue, 34 Upper Berkeley Street, London W1H 5AU (Nearest Tube: Marble Arch/Edgware Rd.) on Saturday 17th November 7.30pm! A charity concert in support of Norwood and West London Synagogue’s ERETZ programme. Tickets: £15 and £12 (concession), generous group rates also available. Includes interval drink. Book online at or by telephone: Linda Stone on 020 7535 0259.

Please note that due to lack of content and review submissions, this page will become purely archival after the end of the year. Any new content and review submissions will be covered on the 'Other World Music' page instead from then on.


Rainlore's World of Music

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An eventful update, and as always reviews first. A real international bevy of beauties! However, just one album here for now.

From the far side of the pond we have Kobi Arad Band's Sketches Of Imaginary Landscapes, a definite candidate for an exemplary 'Third Stream' album if ever there was one! Have your mind blown by the Amazing Arad! A gem of an album. Arad's deep spirituality has its roots in Kabbalah - the real one, not the fake celeb variety - and it doesn't get much deeper than this. Pianist/keyboard player extraordinaire Arad's classical influences and indeed references will astound with their breadth and depth.

And now for something completely different. Just short of a couple of months ago I reviewed a wonderful album, Rich Siegel's The Way To Peace, essentially a vocal jazz/singer-songwriter type album concerning itself with the plight of the Palestinian people in occupied Palestine and peace. The lyrics are humanist/humanitarian although yes, political, but hardly what one could call extremist.

To quote Siegel, 'My experience with Brent Black began in March, when I was contacted by the publicist who had just done an e mail blast for my CD release event, and he indicated that jazz reviewer Brent Black had contacted him requesting a review copy of my CD. I was obviously happy to send one. The result was an extremely positive review which Brent posted on his jazz review blog "Critical Jazz". In this review he acknowledged that my CD is highly political, and that he disagrees with my politics, but he was highly complimentary none the less...'

However, within about a week, Black 'pulled' the review and even posted an apology on Facebook, addressed to his Jewish readers, for having reviewed the album in the first place, as Siegel supports 'the destruction of Israel.' Obviously, all this was done under extreme pressure. But while it is of course Mr. Black's right to 'pull' whatever he likes from his blog (poor journalistic practice though that is), inventing 'quotes' maligning Rich Siegel is decidedly wrong. Again, to quote Siegel, 'Anti-Zionist? Yes. Pro-Palestine? Definitely. Destruction of Israel- or of anything? No.'

These kinds of tactics are all too familiar here, with the most laughable 'quotes' being invented for leading jazz musician and humanist activist Gilad Atzmon left, right and centre. The perpetrators of such despicable lies, given sufficient rope to hang themselves manage to do so very nicely and make themselves a laughing stock as indeed we have seen.

It would seem that Black expected when he pulled his review of The Way To Peace, the quotes from it that Siegel had already used at various places would likewise magically disappear. They didn't, and in some cases couldn't.

Moreover, quoting Siegel again, '...I wrote an op ed about my bizarre experience of being "reviewed and then un-reviewed" which has been published on the deLiberation-dot-info political commentary website, which I imagine didn't please Brent, but was as much my right as it was his to pull the review. This op ed was relevant to activists for Palestine, as it is yet one more example of the bullying anyone publicly critical of Israel has to endure.'

Black's blog appears to have at least partially been transformed from a jazz blog to a 'Rich Siegel defamation blog,' with thirteen or more ridiculous articles with equally ridiculous titles devoted to attacking Siegel and name calling. Additionally, Black seems to bombard Siegel with equally ridiculous emails filled with lies, invented quotes, insults, abuse and the like.

Such a vendetta of hatred and defamation is wholly unacceptable. Rainlore's World of Music fully supports Rich Siegel and declares its full solidarity with him.

To finish, just a few of my pet peeves, addressed to artists. Sleeve notes, credits etc. - please people, keep a reasonable font size, a clear, easy to read font, and in a colour that's contrasting strongly with the background. I really hate having to spend time with a magnifier or even loupe and bright lights. Another thing is, always, always please give track times, this also helps radio presenters and increases your chances of getting airplay. A total playing time is also helpful. Makes it easy for me for instance to decide if I have sufficient time to play a CD at a given time and not end up wasting my time playing only part of it because time's run out. I loathe additional PR material, never read it (or at best, after my review is written), along with long sleeve notes (again, only read after review is written). I hate being hassled by publicists/managers and such, if I had to reply to all their emails sometimes, I wouldn't have the time to write the review! Another sin that applies mainly to that particular species - I do know when I'm being brown-nosed and hate it; it's ugly, unpleasant and unnecessary, so don't do it. If I have accepted your review request, I'll review, don't worry. At times though, as at present, things can get extremely busy and it might take a little time for me to review. I'll always do the best I can, and also please bear in mind, I'm not even getting paid for this. Being asked to come to a gig at only a few days' (or even one!) notice just isn't possible - the longer the notice the better. Being told I'm on the guest list repeatedly, even when I've already made clear that I'm unable to attend, is also irritating. Right, 'nuff said for now.

Finally, a gig that should be of interest here. This week, Daphna Sadeh (Ritu's guest on AWiL this week) & The Voyagers will be backing (and act as musical director) Kurdish Israeli singer Ilana Eliya at Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Town Hall Approach Road, Tottenham Green, London N15 4RX on Saturday 30th June - should be another amazing event that you may not wish to miss! The line-up is Ilana Eliya - vocals; with Daphna Sadeh & the Voyagers: Daphna Sadeh - musical director and double bass; Stewart Curtis - woodwinds; Nim Schwartz - oud, saz; Guy Schalom - percussion.


Rainlore's World of Music

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A slightly delayed update due to cut finger tips impeding typing, and a review of an amazing album. This is native New Yorker Rich Siegel's The Way To Peace - an extraordinary musical fusion of peace activism and spirituality! Featuring an all-star line-up that includes UK based jazz ace Gilad Atzmon, Siegel has come up with an album of amazing songs that carry his peace message beautifully and particularly address the suffering of the Palestinians.


Rainlore's World of Music

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A freylekhn un likhtign pesach, Chag Sameach!

Please note that the 2011 part of this page has now been archived.

Also, in order to reduce the number of constantly repeating links, those referring to pages or local page items that can easily be found in the navigation bar at the top of each page will in future be omitted. This will affect references to, e.g., 'reviews.'

Furthermore, as I have sadly been receiving hardly any submissions in this category over the past year or so, I may, alas, have to consider archiving this section altogether and integrating it with the 'Other World Music' category in future. Unless, of course, the situation improves.


Rainlore's World of Music

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There is a full index of all reviews available on Rainlore's World of Music. Also, there is an index listing all CD reviews , which includes reviews of music from all genres, and another one listing all live music reviews.

Reviews added 2012/11/27:

Music Pilgrim Trio :  Spanning The Globe (2012/11/26)


Reviews added 2012/06/27:

Kobi Arad Band : Sketches Of Imaginary Landscapes (2012/06/25)


Reviews added 2012/05/02:

Rich Siegel :  The Way To Peace (2012/04/30)


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Artists' Profiles

Artists' profiles consist of brief profiles, complete with discographies, contact/booking and other useful information, for some of the artists whose work has been featured on Rainlore's World of Music.

Profiles added:


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Articles & Features

Both formal and informal articles, both on as well as off site, on all manner of topics relating to Jewish Music. Titles are accompanied by brief descriptions of the content. A full index of articles and features is also available.


On-site Features & Articles on aspects of Jewish music and anything vaguely related

Articles/Features added 2012:

Articles on aspects of Jewish music by various authors, off-site

The Main Klezmer Modes by Joshua Horowitz  is an extract from an unpublished paper by Horowitz on the modes or shteygers commonly in use in klezmer music, which derive from the modes of the Ashkenazi chazzanut. It is both fascinating and practically required reading for anybody with an interest in the theory of Jewish music.

Tsimbls and Their Kin by Joshua Horowitz is a riveting article by this eminent musicologist and of course one of the most outstanding contemporary tsimblists himself, on this wonderful instrument - the tsimbl, the Eastern European Jewish hammered dulcimer or cimbalom.

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Annual Jewish Music Festivals, Workshops and Similar Events
Sources for Buying Jewish Music Recordings

Annual Jewish Music Festivals, Workshops and Similar Events

KLEZCALIFORNIA is an annual five day celebration of Klezmer Music, Yiddish Language, Literature, Dance and Folk Arts, with evening events and a full children's program, held every summer in San Francisco, California. Course offerings, teachers, registration instructions and other details are available from the KlezCalifornia web site as well as by email or phone on (+1) 415-789-7679. The 2004 event takes place from June 20th to 25th 2004.

KlezFest is the UK's annual five day celebration of Yiddish and klezmer music and culture with a full programme of courses, workshops, concerts and more. Held in London based at the Jewish Music Institute at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) of the University of London every summer, KlezFest is usually preceded by a week long Yiddish language and culture course. Full details and online registration forms are usually available in the early part of each year at the JMI web site. The 2004 Yiddish language and culture course is slated for Sunday 1st to Friday 6th August 2004, while KlezFest will take place Sunday 8th to Thursday 12th August 2004.

KlezKamp is the granddaddy of all klezmer and Yiddish culture fests. The brainchild of Henry Sapoznik of Kapelye and The Jewish Radio Project fame, and acclaimed author of one of the modern standard texts on klezmer and the klezmer renaissance of the late 20th century, Klezmer! Jewish Music from Old World to Our World, KlezKamp was first held in 1984 and takes place annually in December in the Catskills of New York State. Now also known as the Yiddish Folk Arts Festival, KlezKamp features "innovative classes, great teachers and the finest schedule of Yiddish culture programs in the world", to quote the official blurb. Full details of each year's event and online registration are usually available on the official KlezKamp web site in the autumn, or you can email for a printed brochure.
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Sources for Buying Jewish Music Recordings

Your local CD mega store is extremely unlikely to carry any sort of Jewish music recordings. Amazon and Barnes & Noble and similar online outlets have the odd few releases in their catalogues, but you'd have to be very lucky to find everything you want there.

However, there are very much better sources from which to obtain CDs (and/or audio cassettes etc.) -  for a start, two wonderful specialist Judaica outlets, one in the USA and the other in the UK. Both are run at least as much as a labour of love as as a business, and are certainly deserving of every Jewish music connoisseur's support and patronage. Their respective owners are not only extremely knowledgeable in the field of Jewish music and recordings, but are also extraordinarily helpful and will go the extra mile to try all they reasonably can to track down an obscure recording that they might not have in stock (and their range of stock is nothing short of amazing anyway!) - if it's out there and at all obtainable, these dedicated people are your best hope of getting it!

Specialist outlets like this are always at best marginal and often struggling to survive, while providing an invaluable service, so if you love Jewish music and are looking to buy, may I urge you to please take your custom to :

Banner - Hatikvah Music InternationalHATIKVAH Music International

is based at:  436 N. Fairfax, L.A., Ca. (USA)
(323) 655 7083

Simon Rutberg, Hatikvah's friendly helpful owner, carries every imaginable kind of Jewish music and then some. You can also contact Simon by email with any specific queries you might have, for example concerning a recording you're looking for that isn't listed on his web site.

Hatikvah Music also take particular pride in offering the largest selection of Sephardic music in the world, separated into "Ladino" (Judeo-Spanish) and (non-Spanish) Sephardi categories, and here are the two direct links to the start of those respective pages:

Banner - Hatikvah - LadinoBanner - Hatikvah - Sephardic

Sephardi and Ladino recordings tend to be especially hard to find generally, so the above should provide a convenient shortcut.

Banner - JMD UKJewish Music Distribution UK

is based at: PO Box 67, Hailsham, BN27 4UW (UK)
Tel/Fax: (+44) (0)1323 832863
(between 8.30am and 6pm UK time)

JMD UK is run by the friendly helpful Noa Lachman and carries an incredible range of all kinds of Jewish music, in fact, probably the widest range of recordings available anywhere under one roof. For any specific queries concerning e.g. recordings that you are looking for (chances are, Noa's got it!), you can also contact Noa by email. Noa's web site also offers secure online ordering.
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