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In order to secure its future as an ongoing project, and indeed resume regular activity such as new reviews, Rainlore's World of Music urgently needs to raise substantial funds through some kind of sponsorship or similar. (Please also see The Future of Rainlore's World of Music on the About page, and the News entry for 2008/11/09.)

It has regrettably become impossible to keep Rainlore's World of Music going on a purely spare-time basis. The amount of work involved is simply too overwhelming. At the rate that for example CDs kept arriving for review and gigs were covered during 2004, there was enough work to keep two people busy on a full-time basis!

Of course, I wish to preserve the non-commercial and not for profit nature of Rainlore's World of Music, but without some kind of sponsorship the site simply cannot continue in any meaningful active way. Despite not having had any updates for about four years until its re-launch in October 2008, Rainlore's World of Music remains a popular site. The reviews and artists' profiles have always achieved excellent visibility in search results, and have also been referenced widely. There are also many new features I would like to add to Rainlore's World of Music, such as a Gig calendar to replace the old one and a Features section that should have been added during 2004 already, plus more. Sadly, without some form of sponsorship none of this will be possible and the site will at some point soon become purely archival.

If you think you might be able to help in any way, please get in touch through the sponsorship form.





Best-selling master storyteller W. A. Harbinson's 1981 black comic novel Deadlines has just been re-published and is reviewed here for the first time, as far as I'm aware. Comedy doesn't get much blacker than this, nor more outrageously hilarious. For further details please see the Literary page.

There is also - at last - a 'catch-up' review of the incomparable Asaf Sirkis And The Inner Noise's 2007 album The Song Within. Another fine outstanding genre-defying release from one of the masters of genre bending, not to mention of the traps. There's a fab sample track to listen to while you read the review. For more details please check out the Jazz, Classical, or Jewish Music pages.

Also, there are updated profiles for Asaf Sirkis, Gilad Atzmon, Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble, and Koby Israelite.

Over recent months, there have been several proposals/offers of advertising - discrete, context-relevant and purely text-based - for this site. However, none of these would have generated anything like a viable revenue stream to keep the site going, and in any case I would prefer not to go that route in the first place. Sponsorship would still be the preferred option to secure the longer term future of Rainlore's World of Music.


Rainlore's World of Music

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The re-publication of best-selling author W. A. Harbinson's unmissable novel Knock furnished a wonderful opportunity to review this hitherto 'lost' masterpiece. For further details please see the Literary page. Harbinson's darkly satirical Deadlines has also just been re-published and will be reviewed shortly, or as soon as postal strikes permit.


Rainlore's World of Music

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Owing to a series of unfortunate circumstances, such as the then recent relaunch of Rainlore's World of Music and the large number of older reviews that had to be caught up with, plus my mislaying of my initial notes as well as managing to lose the book, the review of Chris Searle's Forward Groove - Jazz and the Real World from Louis Armstrong to Gilad Atzmon sadly had to wait until now. For more details on this please go to the Literary page.

Also added are some more A/V pages of some more of Trinidad's finest Steel Orchestras - see the Steel Pan page for more details.

Regrettably the reviews of Koby Israelite's most recent albums have been delayed but will follow ASAP.


Rainlore's World of Music

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Due for release just about now is jazz flute titan Mark Weinstein's new album, Tales From The Earth, in collaboration with Cuban mallet and piano wizard Omar Sosa. The review is up as of now. For more details see the Jazz, Other World Music, and Jewish Music pages.

Coming up (hopefully) soon are reviews of the fabulous Koby Israelite's two latest albums, both from this year, along with perhaps a few more catch-ups if I can find the time and the time at a friend's computer. For now, there is a new Koby Israelite A/V Page with lots of videos. More on the Jewish Music and Other World Music pages.

Also new, some more A/V pages of a few more of the leading steel orchestras from Trinidad and Tobago. More details on the Steel Pan page.


Rainlore's World of Music

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There's an excellent new video on the Daphna Sadeh & The Voyagers A/V page, featuring excerpts from the recent Reconciliation album. Not only great music but also some fine cinematography from Rafi Neu. Far better quality than you usually find on YouTube, too.

There are also new A/V pages for the world's three greatest pansides (steelbands). First, there are the one and only mighty Desperadoes, then the fine Renegades, and the superb Skiffle Bunch - see and hear for yourself why these three are in a league of their own. More of Trinidad and Tobago's other finest steel bands to follow.

There is also a new index page listing all available A/V pages.

Still no change on the financial front. While there have been a couple of offers of (text based, discrete) advertising, this doesn't seem to be a solution and in any case the amount of revenue this could generate for the site seems too small to even consider it. What this site really needs is substantial sponsorship of some kind.

Rainlore's World of Music

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Just a very quick few reviews of some momentous albums that should have been up before and that I just managed to squeeze in thanks to the use of a friend's computer for now. Most importantly, there is modern jazz legend Gilad Atzmon's historic release from earlier this year, In Loving Memory Of America, also popularlarly subtitled Gilad Atzmon With Strings. No mere tribute album to Bird (Charlie Parker) this. But like the latter's Charlie Parker With Strings, this is some of the most beautiful music ever recorded. In Loving Memory Of America has, accordingly, received more superlative critical acclaim than any other jazz album in decades. The other two albums are Atzmon's two previous releases, 2006's Gilad Atzmon Presents Artie Fishel And The Promised Band, and 2007's Refuge. Artie Fishel has been much misunderstood. A work of comic, satirical genius, it takes comedy klezmer as exemplified by Mickey Katz in the 1950s as its starting point. Refuge again sees Atzmon completely re-inventing himself as usual - this is a very different Gilad Atzmon And The Orient House Ensemble album from those that went before.

From among the special features on the steel pan, a brief article titled Composing and Arranging for the Steel Pan - Part I : Basics / An Overview of the Special Issues in Writing and Arranging for the Steel Pan, first drafted in 2004, has also just about made it in time.

No change in the situation here, alas. I'd love to devote a lot of time to this site, even all my time, but sadly the realities of my financial situation make this impossible at least for the time being. Substantial sponsorship of some kind certainly would help change things, but until such time it is unlikely that I will be able to work further on the site.


Rainlore's World of Music

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I regret to have to announce that any further update will likely be some considerable time in coming. I don't have the loan of a computer anymore, no computer at all for some time most likely and certainly no regular internet access, no assets left, and my financial situation is critical. So certainly in the absence of some kind of sponsorship, this may be good bye for some time.


Rainlore's World of Music

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Two events connected with the number 50 this week. First, we note the sad passing at the age of a mere fifty of Michael Jackson, whose impact on the world's music scene was quite phenomenal at his peak. R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

And of course, it's fifty years since the release of Dave Brubeck's revolutionary album Time Out that changed the face of jazz as much as anything, swinging in what were then completely unfamiliar time signatures in the up till then pretty rigid 4/4 world of jazz.

Just a solitary literary review for today. Another action thriller with a difference - and what a thriller! Obviously, it has to be another Shaun Clarke. And so it is. It's Shaun Clarke's Underworld, the extraordinary story of an SAS operative leading a covert action against the six most dangerous gangsters, vicious thugs really, in Belfast during the early years of the Northern Ireland peace process. 'Gripping' barely begins to describe this super-charged and disturbing thriller!

Shaun Clarke is, of course, a pseudonym of that master story teller of the modern age, W. A. Harbinson.

The next catch-up update of Rainlore's World of Music may be some time in coming along as there is still substantial work to be done editing text and also editing photographs. Regrettably, I am unable to devote as much time to that task as I would like as sponsorship is still conspicuous by its absence.

Rainlore's World of Music

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Straight off, let me thank those individuals whose kind, big-hearted generosity in making small donations has ensured that Rainlore's World of Music's web hosting is now secure for another year, and can even have its web space and bandwidth upgraded. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, kind folks. Alas, however, future continued review and other activity still remains very uncertain until some kind of generous sponsorship or similar can be secured.

But, on with the show! A bit of a mixed bag today. I decided to split up the remaining "catch-up" updates, so there are two album reviews from those. And there is a perhaps somewhat odd-seeming review of an action thriller on the literary side of things.

Staying with the latter first, the action thriller is one with a difference. Shaun Clarke's extraordinary Dragon Light is not a cosy read like most works of that particular genre. The author of bestsellers such as The Exit Club - considered the ultimate SAS novel - and the Soldier: SAS Special Forces series of novels, Shaun Clarke serves up something quite disturbing yet absolutely riveting in Dragon Light. For more, go to the Literary page or the review itself.

The catch-up updates comprise two more albums sent in 2007 by LA based label Craig 'N Co. that regrettably had to await a review until now. The first, Best of the Celebrate Series, presents a selection of the best of nine of the albums in Craig 'N Co.'s Celebrate... series of Jewish music for a variety of occasions, both religious and secular. A good introduction to those not familiar with Jewish music already. The second is from 'America's favorite Jewish rock band' Blue Fringe, their then latest release The Whole World Lit Up. Solid rock with Jewish themes and mixed English and Hebrew lyrics.

Also, last week's review of Daphna Sadeh and The Voyagers' recent release, Reconciliation, now sports a fabulous sample track for your listening pleasure, and a new Daphna Sadeh & The Voyagers A/V page has also been added.

In a recent review, I happened to mention the music of Mickey Newbury. Ever since, some dear friends have been asking me if I could perhaps review some of his albums (even offering to lend me theirs - a bit awkward anyway though, considering they're abroad). I would dearly love to, but I'm afraid this will have to wait until things normalise a bit on this site and I'll be able to accept review submissions again. For those perhaps not altogether familiar with the name, you're almost bound to have heard at least some of his songs at least as covers, for Mickey Newbury was one of the greatest singer-songwriters and one of the most covered of the twentieth century, along with that other giant of the genre, Leonard Cohen. If you'd like to find out more about Mickey Newbury, his estate maintain his web site,

Rainlore's World of Music

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Again we have some new reviews of exciting albums as well as a brilliantly absorbing and gripping non-fiction book.

The latter is another tome from the pen of master storyteller W. A. Harbinson, his auto-biographical account of a most unusual journey from Shanghai to Haifa aboard a modern container ship, All At Sea On The Ghost Ship. Not merely a brilliantly written, witty and fascinating modern travelogue, but also a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a writer and into the creative process.

The albums reviewed comprise the fabulous Daphna Sadeh and The Voyagers' recent exciting release, Reconciliation, and award-winning Hollywood actress and singer-songwriter Merle Winningham's most recent gem of an album from 2007, Refuge Rock Sublime. You might never forgive yourself for missing out on these two superb albums. Still the most exciting band on the World Music scene, Daphna Sadeh & The Voyagers have continued to grow and evolve over the years since they hit the UK scene back in 2003, and Reconciliation is the latest stage of this evolution with an exciting new sound. Merle Winningham, an enormously prolific and award-winning actress, also proves again why she is also so highly regarded as a singer-songwriter with Refuge Rock Sublime. This superb album arrived here (along with a couple of others) as a pre-release promo from record label Craig 'N Co. in 2007, but sadly a review had to wait until now as at the time Rainlore's World of Music was in hiatus as it were, with the new version of the site already undergoing development.

Rainlore's World of Music

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Two exciting new reviews today, and some exciting new, for now experimental, features.

The solitary album review for today is of today's premier drummer Asaf Sirkis' most recent album with his Asaf Sirkis Trio, The Monk. Not only a giant of the traps, Sirkis is also the most phenomenal exponent of contemporary jazz fusion. With The Monk, he has yet again completely re-invented himself. You can listen to a fabulous sample track, Stoned Bird, on the review page, as well as watch a short video clip from the album's launch date - one of the new experimental features referred to already.

Also, there is a separate A/V page featuring a variety of videos of Asaf Sirkis as well as audio players letting you sample his albums. This is the other of the new experimental features. A/V pages are also available for 21st century jazz legend Gilad Atzmon (and of course Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble) and long time jazz giant Mark Weinstein. Also, an outstanding sample track has been added to each of Mark Weinstein's three most recent album reviews, the fabulous Con Alma, Straight No Chaser, and Lua E Sol.

Please bear in mind that internet (speak - generally - YouTube) videos are rarely of the best quality, and often even the sound quality can be quite appalling. That said however, we have some excellent examples here, and the sound quality tends to be very good indeed throughout.

For the moment of course, these new features remain experimental and could be withdrawn at any time.

Last but most decidedly not least, another literary review. We have recently already encountered bestselling author W. A. Harbinson through his autobiographical The Writing Game, and today we have a review of his most outstanding novel to date, the exciting and spellbinding Into The World of Might Be. A remarkable tour de force of superb prose writing, it is a gripping, fantastical tale that plays with your mind, challenging your imagination as well as your intellect. Truly a masterpiece of fiction that sets Harbinson squarely amidst that select few, the finest authors of the modern age. A novel and a half that you won't want to put down!

Maybe we could prevail upon Mr. Harbinson to read an excerpt at some point...

Rainlore's World of Music

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The penultimate of the 'ketchup' updates of reviews, from the period 2004-2006! Again there are two gig reviews, and this time, three albums.

The gigs feature superlative world/world jazz band Daphna Sadeh And The Voyagers with Special Guest George Youssef Samaan at the Purcell Room, South Bank Centre, on 28th November 2004, in a programme entitled Different Points on the Same Line: A Musical Dialogue. (Not illustrated this time as health issues would have precluded it and for the same reason it was a very last minute arrangement.) And of course there is the incomparable giant of contemporary jazz, Gilad Atzmon And The Orient House Ensemble at the Pizza Express Jazz Club in Soho on 10th March 2005, fully illustrated as usual. Due to shrinking web space and particularly also increasing copyright infringement and bandwidth theft problems, photographs have been highly compressed and show noticeable artifacting as a result.

On the subject of photographs, a new web site of the work of photographer Richard A. Sharma is in progress and currently features a very special offer of fine art photographic prints at very special prices.

The album reviews consist of outstanding Aussie klezmer band Klezmeritis' eponymous debut album, featuring the wonderful Ernie Gruner and his superb fidl, and also from down under, legendary folk singer Danny Spooner's then-latest album The Great Leviathan from 2006, and last but not least from the world of the steel pan and Trinidad, the excellent Exodus Steel Orchestra's Exodus II - The Power And The Glory.

Next time, we'll have a few newer reviews and possibly a new AV feature with video and audio from selected artists.

The final catch-up update may be a bit longer in coming along as it still involves a lot of work editing one or two (possibly more) special features on the steel pan that were drafted during 2004, and there are also a few more albums that arrived around 2007 that yet have to be reviewed.

Rainlore's World of Music

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Some more quick 'ketchups' principally from the 2004/5 period. Two gig and five album reviews this time. The gigs are something a bit special and something new to this site, both involving folk clubs. The first is Anglo-Australian folk legend Danny Spooner at Spalding Folk Club in Lincolnshire on his 2004 UK tour, a real experience. The next opportunity to see and hear Danny Spooner live anywhere in Europe is this September at the Maribor Festival in Slovenia, with the Australian Chamber Orchestra - long considered one of the world's finest - under Richard Tognetti, and a programme that started life as an Australian tour in 2007 called Enchanted. (Full details of the forthcoming tour can be found on the ACO website.)

The second gig features Essex-based folk duo Mick & Pete at The Jingling Gate Folk Club in Pitsea, Essex, in September 2004. Mick Spooner (the other half of Mick & Pete being Pete Hamlyn) is Danny Spooner's little brother, so you can be sure of something a bit special here too.

To stay with Danny Spooner for now, the album reviews include two more from this treasure of a folk singer. They are We'll either bend or break 'er, probably the finest collection of sea shanties ever, and Launch Out On The Deep, a superb collection of various sea songs.

From the wonderful world of steel pan, there is the exquisite Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra's Live: In The Rainforest, an album I simply cannot live without even now and I'm sure every true lover of pan would feel the same about it.

Finally, though decidedly not least, two more albums by outstanding young British composer Rohan Kriwaczek. The first, Salon Concert Music for Violin and Piano, is a superlative joint recording with pianist John Human and "does exactly what it says on the tin." The second, Rohan Kriwaczek's Ghost Train, is an expanded work based on Kriwaczek's original score for the incredible Carnesky's Ghost Train arthouse funfair ride/installation, both fantastic and fantastical, a real experience in itself.

Also, there are minor updates to the profiles of the simply superlative Daphna Sadeh and The Voyagers, who keep going from strength to strength, and woodwind ace Stewart Curtis (of aforementioned Voyagers as well as his own Stewart Curtis' K-Groove Quartet, among others). ("Dyslexia" seems to be setting in everywhere, and thus of late you might find a lot of press references to Stuart Curtis and Stuart Curtis' K-Groove Quartet!) There also were a number of new profiles from the 2004/5 period to be added to the site, but in view of these being hopelessly out of date and needing a complete re-write from scratch I have decided to drop these for now and perhaps introduce them at ome later point as and when I can find the time to start them over.

Rainlore's World of Music is now already starting to rapidly fill up its allocated web space, and an upgrade will become essential in the foreseeable future. Without the aid of some kind of sponsorship or other support it is however difficult to see how this can be achieved.

Rainlore's World of Music

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Yet another batch of 'ketchup' updates is ready! All are from the 2004/5 period. A gig review of a major world music event, Cultural Co-operation's Diaspora Music Village 2004 Festival Weekend at Kew Gardens, London, on Saturday, 3rd July 2004 to be precise. One of the very best of world music events, it featured, among many others from various cultures and parts of the world, the fabulous London-based Daphna Sadeh And The Voyagers, familiar on this site already, the fantastic Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra and Tassa Drummers from Trinidad and Tobago that we already encountered in two other gigs recently, and one of South Africa's finest Isicathamiya choirs, Green Mamba.

Among the album reviews, staying with the steel pan world for a moment, there is the wonderful Exodus Steel Orchestra from Trinidad and their super album, Exodus. (No biblical connection here, the name and title simply refer to the band's origin, which was an "exodus" of dissatisfied folks from another band, the Gay Flamingoes.) It was also time to at least acknowledge the existence of a steel pan movement in the United Kingdom, and so there is a review of London-based Ebony Steelband's Best of Caribbean Steeldrums - a title that, at best, is more than a tad ambitious, even pompous, surely, as anything like that certainly would be well out of any non-Trinidadian steelband's league. These two albums are as different as chalk and cheese, and I just couldn't resist posting these two reviews at the same time for the sheer contrast they provide.

In a more general world music vein, there is extraordinary Anglo-Australian folk singer Danny Spooner's album of Australian folk songs, 'ard Tack - authentic folk to the core and not to be missed. On the Jewish music side of things, we have Canadian singer-songwriter Allan Soberman's extraordinary album Searching for my Voice, seeking - and succeeding! - to reconcile his Jewish upbringing as the son of a chazan or cantor with the folk and popular music of the 1950s and 60s that had such an influence on him. The result is a wonderful, kind of 21st century Beach Boys meet Sabbath prayers album. Surf 'n' Spirituality - works great for me!

Finally, there's British composer Rohan Kriwaczek's outstanding The Wandering Jew. To call it merely "contemporary classical music with a Jewish slant" would be doing Kriwaczek's music a very grave injustice. Truth is, it really doesn't fit any convenient pigeon hole, nor should it be thus confined, like most good music.

Rainlore's World of Music

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A special update today with a few new reviews that proved irresistible. First, we have a review of Carl Nelkin's recent release, The Little Trees Are Weeping, a fabulous collection of Yiddish songs from the ghettos and the Jewish partisans. Carl Nelkin is a part-time chazan (cantor) from the small Irish Jewish community in Dublin. This dual Jewish-Irish heritage is particularly reflected in his 2003 debut album, Irish Heart - Jewish Soul, also reviewed. This is a delightful collection of favourite Irish and Yiddish songs, the latter coming principally from the Yiddish theatre, where both benefit from the other tradition.

Equally irresistible, and keeping us along (very) broadly Irish lines, proved Northern Irish-born author W. A. Harbinson's spellbinding autobiographical The Writing Game - Recollections of an Occasional Bestselling Author. This provides a fascinating and at times brutally frank insight into the life and works of this brilliant author, and particularly also his experience of and perspective on the publishing industry. Harbinson is the author of such best-sellers as Genesis, Revelation, and the Elvis Presley biography, Elvis: An Illustrated Biography (The Illustrated Elvis in the US). He is also often regarded as the father of "The Mother of all Conspiracy Theory Novels" (Genesis and the Projekt Saucer series that arose out of it), long before The X-Files, as fans of Harbinson often claim, "ripped off" the idea. They may well have a point, it's certainly plausible here at the very least. But read the books and make up your own mind.

The next "catch-up" update is in progress and will follow ASAP.

Rainlore's World of Music

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A further batch of "catch-up" updates is now up from the 2004/5 period. It will probably take another three batches to complete these "catch-ups", but I'm getting there bit by bit. In the current update, there are six album reviews, two gig reviews, and a special feature in the form of a review/overview of a fascinating documentary film that received its UK premier in 2004, Things. Places. Years. by Austrian Klub Zwei, which also featured Geraldine Auerbach MBE of London's Jewish Music Institute, SOAS. (More on the latter in the Jewish Music section.)

The album reviews include two further albums by Cantor Bruce Benson, one mainly liturgical entitled The Rock Service, the other predominently non-liturgical religious songs, The Journey: Songs Along The Chai Way. Also from the world of Jewish music there is The Alexandria Kleztet's outstanding debut album, Y2Klezmer. From the sphere of British folk (in the Other World Music section), we have a most remarkable album by the equally remarkable singer Danny Spooner (of whom we shall see a lot more in these pages soon), When a Man's in Love, a collection of mainly traditional love songs from a male perspective. Finally, but certainly not least, there are two superb albums by one of Trinidad's finest (and oldest) conventional steelbands, Trinidad All Stars, From Tabanca To Rain and The Nostalgic Panyard.

Staying in the realm of the steel pan, the two gig reviews are of two gigs, both on the same day, by an ensemble of the cream of one of Trinidad's youngest premier conventional steelbands, the irrepressible Skiffle Bunch from San Fernando with Tassa Drummers. Both were part of Cultural Co-operation's Diaspora Music Village 2004, a lunchtime concert at The October Gallery in Central London, and an evening concert at the NT's Theatre Court on the South Bank. Irresistible!

The next batch of updates is in hand, but as stated before, this will take time and I can't possibly give any sort of schedule, so suffice it to say it'll be along ASAP.

Rainlore's World of Music

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Another bunch of "new old" reviews from the 2004/5 period that had not previously made it onto the site are ready and finally up. Three are gig reviews, and five album reviews. There are two recitals from 2004's Leamington Spa Festival's Terezin Day, one an outstanding recital by the acclaimed Martinu Quartet, with violist Miroslav Sehnoutka and bass-baritone Nigel Cliffe, both equally acclaimed, featuring Sylvie Bodorová's Terezín Ghetto Requiem for baritone and string quartet. The other, an equally outstanding recital by extraordinary mezzo-soprano Lloica Czackis with Andrew Quartermain, piano, entitled Terezín Cabaret. The third gig review is of the fabulous 2004 concert, A Portrait of Willard W. White, featuring the BBC Concert Orchestra conducted by Carl Davis, and legendary bass-baritone Sir Willard W. White, at the Royal Festival Hall (shortly before its closure for renovation, if memory serves).

The album reviews include another one from the steel pan world at last. And a finer recording of steelband you won't find, for this is the mighty Desperadoes Steel Orchestra's From the Hills of Laventille - Steel in the Classics, a selection of popular classics performed and recorded to perfection. On the klez side of things, there's the wonderful Alexandria Kleztet's Delusions of Klezmer, and the delightful Rebecca Kaplan and Pete Rushefsky's On The Paths. And finally, there are two cantorial recordings, one a contemporary interpretation of chazanut, the Erev Shabbat service to be precise, the other a collection of Jewish liturgical and non-liturgical religious songs. The former is Cantor Bruce Benson and Kenny G's The Jazz Service (an oxymoron if ever there was one!), the latter the same Bruce Benson's Ki Sarita. (Two further reviews of albums by Cantor Benson are to follow.)

More of the "missing" reviews will follow ASAP, but this will take time. With the next update I hope to include at least another couple of "new old" gig reviews, in particular of the fabulous ensemble from the Skiffle Bunch steel orchestra that visited the UK's shores in 2004.

Please note that the old Rainlore's World of Music site has now been defunct since the end of November - almost two months of re-direction should have been enough. So if you haven't done so already, please update your links to the site. Bear in mind that the structure of the new site is different from the old, and so are many file names, so if you are linking to any particular page please check it out first.

Season's Greetings or Chag Sameach to you all, and a Happy New Year!

Rainlore's World of Music

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A conspicuous date, this, the anniversary of the infamous 'Kristallnacht' that marked the full descent of civilisation into the abyss of barbarity. Seventy years on, has the world really changed, or changed all that much, I wonder? I fear the answer is no. Genocide and racism are still very much with us, sadly. And it could all too easily all happen again. Almost anywhere. The very real horror, the nightmare, of this possibility, is as vivid as the passed-on memories of that dark night to me. The horror, the terror, lives, and nobody should ever be allowed to forget that anymore than that infamous night seventy years ago, and its even more horrific aftermath, the holocaust, the industrialised genocide.

But, this day should also be a celebration of survival in spite of the odds. And by way of doing just that, I am re-instating the music embedded on this page, based on La Rosa Enflorese, one of the best known of Sephardi Jewish songs. Traffic to the site seems to have stabilised a bit now, so bandwidth should no longer present too great a problem.

In the way of "updates" to Rainlore's World of Music, we have a review of jazz giant Mark Weinstein's latest album, Lua e Sol, released on 14th October. This should have been up much sooner, however, my first review copy got lost in the post. All the same, a sensational album of Brazilian jazz well worth waiting for.

Other updates, mainly reviews going back to 2004/5, that didn't make it onto the site yet are still in progress, the main body of work still to be completed being the editing of photographs of gig reviews from that period. This is alas a slow process, but I shall persist and we'll get there eventually, including so far 'missing' CD reviews. However, as previously pointed out, I really couldn't possibly commit to any sort of time scale for this. And due to a bereavement I haven't been able to do very much at all during the last four weeks or so in this regard. Other circumstances don't make the task of 'catching up' any easier, either, more about which below in a moment.

To divert to other issues for a while, if you have links to the old Rainlore's World of Music site, could you please update these ASAP to point to the new address here. The previous site will cease re-directing shortly and, indeed, will close altogether.

Also, if you are an artist with a profile on Rainlore's World of Music and you have not already responded, may I please urge you to respond to our webmaster's, scarlet eyebis', request sent out originally prior to the new site going live last month and repeated now. This is just to confirm that your correct email address is being used for your contact forms, which we now use in place of having your email address on your page (and thus for the spammers to harvest). Where confirmation is not received within two weeks of the repeat request, your contact form may be removed altogether. The advantage of using the form, in addition to spam prevention, is also that you will know that the query came through Rainlore's World of Music. In the event that your email address should have changed and you have not received the above mentioned request, please use the webmaster form to get in touch and let them know your correct current address. Thank you.

Now, on to weighty matters indeed. I already previously hinted on the About page that the future for Rainlore's World of Music looked somewhat uncertain. Sadly, the time has come to look at the future further. While the physical existence of the site is secure for the next year or two, its future as an ongoing project at this point alas looks extremely uncertain, and even just catching up with "porting" and completing the 'missing' reviews from the 2004/5 period (and later!) is not unproblematic in this context. As much as I would love to do so, it is now extremely unlikely that I will be able to devote anything like the time required to keep Rainlore's World of Music going even in the near future due to financial pressures, unless some form of substantial sponsorship or similar can be found or arranged. (I would, of course, wish to preserve the site's non-commercial, not for profit status.) A contact form relating to this will be made active within the next week or so. Realistically, to have even just kept up with the amount of CDs coming in during 2004/5 and beyond, and to give each the fair and full review it deserves, would, at the very least, approach the amount of time spent on a full time job! Sadly, I simply will not have that kind of time available to me.

Rainlore's World of Music

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Another small batch of CD reviews is ready. Two are old new reviews from 2004 that never made it onto the site, the other three are new reviews that just couldn't wait. Of the new ones, one is Adrianne Greenbaum's sensational brand spanking new period style performance klezmer release, FleytMuzik In Kontsert, a fabulous live recording. The other two stay with flute and another great maestro of the instrument, but this time from the jazz sphere. Mark Weinstein's chart-topping 2007 release, Con Alma, and his equally sensational straight-ahead album from earlier this year, Straight No Chaser. All three releases were just too irresistible not to put ahead of catching up with porting over older ones. The two older reviews are of Yiddishe Cup's outstanding klezmer comedy album, Meshugeneh Mambo, and at last a first review in the steel pan section, the extraordinary Trinidad steelband Skiffle Bunch's album Skiffle Bunch & Stalin - Live At The Naparima Bowl.

The next update may be longer in the making as it will include at least one or two gig reviews from 2004, whose photographs still await editing. This is a fairly time consuming process.

It has been brought to my attention by scarlet eyebis, Rainlore's World of Music's webmasters, that there may be a problem with some of the artists' contact forms. A test was run during the final stages of the beta testing of this site to confirm artists' email addresses that the forms will be returned to. Unfortunately it seems that so far only less than half the artists with profiles on this site have responded to the request for confirmation by scarlet eyebis. Please, if you are an artist with a profile on Rainlore's World of Music and have not already done so, could I ask you to respond via the webmaster form as requested ASAP. Another request message may be sent out via your respective form over the next week. Anybody that is not heard from within the next four weeks, we will have to assume that your email address has changed and we will have to remove your contact form. If you should have not received this request from scarlet eyebis, please get in touch with them, again via the webmaster form, to inform them of the correct email address that you would like queries via the contact form sent to. We are using forms throughout in order to prevent email addresses being harvested by spammers. Any queries will go directly to artists' email addresses, not to Rainlore's World of Music. Thank you.

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Welcome to the new Rainlore's World of Music. As of tonight, 15th October, the site is "live". If you have been re-directed here from a page on the old site, you can find the (new) page in its relevant category.

This is just a temporary interim update as the site had to be migrated to its own domain rather quickly. Consider it as still 'in beta' state for the time being.

Therefore, some of the pages will not be working yet, or at any rate there may not be much or any content on them yet. This will be rectified ASAP. The links in the green navigation bar near the top that are working at present are, Home (this page), Jewish Music, Jazz, Steel Pan, Classical, Other World Music, Other Music, Artists, Literary, Archived Pages (all present), About, Contact and Links (Jewish Music Links only at present), and of course the All Reviews, All CD Reviews, and All Gig Reviews links.

"Updates" that are included at present are just a few of the album and gig reviews as well as artists' profiles that should have gone up during 2004/5. The rest will follow ASAP, though no timeframe can be given at this time.

However, we will do our best, especially as even after about four years without updates, the site has remained surprisingly popular and busy.

If a review of an album or albums you submitted, or of a gig that I covered, is not listed yet, please be patient a little longer, it will definitely follow ASAP.

Likewise, any artists/promoters that were promised copies of photographs of gigs who haven't received these yet, could I please ask you to be patient a bit longer, they will be sent ASAP, although at present I must give priority to getting the reviews themselves up.

Please note that currently, the only part of this site that can be contacted (via the "Contact" page) is the webmaster, and this is strictly for technical site-related issues, e.g. broken links etc. Any other queries cannot be forwarded as webmaster queries will go directly to Rainlore's World of Music's webmasters, scarlet eyebis. Apologies for this, but it's still impossible to deal with day to day affairs concerning the content of the site etc. The old email addresses are defunct also.

Apologies for the ugly extended copyleft text below. Unfortunately, it would appear that this has become a necessity as it seems that there has been fairly widespread wholesale copying of (complete) reviews and other material, as well as photographs, on the wide web out there, as well as linking to individual photographs on this site (the old one anyway), which has eaten considerably into the site's bandwidth.

Hopefully, I'll be back soon.

Rainlore's World of Music/Rainlore


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Reviews added 2009/12/03:

Asaf Sirkis And The Inner Noise :  The Song Within (2009/11/08)

Lit. Review:
W. A. Harbinson :  Deadlines (2009/11/30)


Reviews added 2009/11/04:

Lit. Review:
W. A. Harbinson :  Knock (2009/11/02)


Reviews added 2009/10/18:

Lit. Review:
Chris Searle :  Forward Groove - Jazz and the Real World from Louis Armstrong to Gilad Atzmon (2009/10/15)


Reviews added 2009/10/01:

Mark Weinstein :  Tales From The Earth (2009/09/30)


Reviews added 2009/07/26:

Gilad Atzmon :  In Loving Memory Of America (2009/07/23)

Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble :  Refuge (2009/07/23)

Gilad Atzmon Presents :  Artie Fishel And The Promised Band (2009/07/22)


Reviews added 2009/06/28:

Lit. Review:
Shaun Clarke :  Underworld (2009/06/19)


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Reviews added 2009/06/21:

Various Artists :  Best of the Celebrate Series (2009/06/10)

Blue Fringe :  The Whole World Lit Up (2009/06/10)

Lit. Review:
Shaun Clarke :  Dragon Light (2009/06/16)


Reviews added 2009/06/14:

Daphna Sadeh And The Voyagers :  Reconciliation (2009/06/11)

Merle Winningham :  Refuge Rock Sublime (2009/06/09)

Lit. Review:

W. A. Harbinson :  All At Sea On The Ghost Ship (2009/06/08)


Reviews added 2009/06/07:

Asaf Sirkis Trio :  The Monk (2009/05/31)

Lit. Review:

W. A. Harbinson :  Into The World of Might Be (2009/05/31)


Reviews added 2009/06/04:

Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble, Pizza Express Jazz Club, 10th March 2005 (2005/03/14)

Exodus Steel Orchestra :  Exodus II - The Power And The Glory (2005/01/31)

Klezmeritis :  Klezmeritis (2006/11/26)

Daphna Sadeh & The Voyagers with George Youssef Samaan - Different Points on the Same Line: A Musical Dialogue, Purcell Room, 28th November 2004 (2004/11/30)

Danny Spooner :  The Great Leviathan - Songs of the Whaling Industry (2006/11/29)


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Reviews added 2009/05/24:

The Jingling Gate Folk Club Feat. Mick & Pete, Pitsea Leisure Centre, Pitsea, Essex, 4th September 2004 (2004/09/07)

Rohan Kriwaczek :  Rohan Kriwaczek's Ghost Train (2006/01/31)

Rohan Kriwaczek and John Human :  Salon Concert Music (2006/01/16)

Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra :  Live: In The Rainforest (2004/08/18)

Danny Spooner at the Spalding Folk Club, Lincoln Arms, Spalding, Lincs., 7th July 2004 (2004/07/20)

Danny Spooner :  Launch Out On The Deep (2005/02/02)

Danny Spooner :  We'll either bend or break 'er (2005/01/27)


Reviews added 2009/05/10:

Diaspora Music Village 2004 Festival Weekend, Kew Gardens, London, Saturday 3rd July 2004, 12.30pm (2004/07/12)

Ebony Steelband :  Best of Caribbean Steeldrums (2005/09/01)

Exodus Steel Orchestra :  Exodus (2005/01/20)

Rohan Kriwaczek :  The Wandering Jew (2005/03/01)

Allan Soberman :  Searching For My Voice (2004/10/19)

Danny Spooner :  'ard Tack (2005/01/16)


Reviews added 2009/05/03:

Carl Nelkin :  The Little Trees are Weeping - Songs of the Holocaust and Resistance (2009/04/27)

Carl Nelkin :  Irish Heart - Jewish Soul : Favourite Irish and Jewish Songs (2009/04/28)

(Lit. review:) W. A. Harbinson :  The Writing Game - Recollections of an Occasional Bestselling Author (2009/04/27)


Reviews added 2009/04/26:

Alexandria Kleztet :  Y2Klezmer (2004/10/19)

Bruce Benson :  The Journey: Songs Along The Chai Way (2004/11/25)

Cantor Bruce Benson & Tzur Yisrael :  The Rock Service (2004/11/25)

Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra & Tassa Drummers :  The October Gallery, London, WC1, Wednesday, 30th June 2004, 1.30pm (2004/07/06)

Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra & Tassa Drummers :  Theatre Square, National Theatre, South Bank, London SE1, Wednesday, 30th June 2004, 6.15pm (2004/07/08)

Danny Spooner :  When a Man's in Love (2005/01/03)

Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra :  From Tabanca To Rain (2004/10/26)

Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra :  The Nostalgic Panyard (2004/11/14)

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Reviews added 2008/12/21:

Alexandria Kleztet :  Delusions of Klezmer (2004/10/17)

Bruce Benson :  Ki Sarita (2004/11/07)

Cantor Bruce Benson & Kenny G :  The Jazz Service (2004/11/06)

Lloica Czackis & Andrew Quartermain :  Terezin Cabaret, Leamington Spa Festival, Holy Trinity Church, Beauchamp Ave., Leamington Spa, Thursday 6th May 2004, 10pm (2004/05/18)

Desperadoes Steel Orchestra :  From the Hills of Laventille - Steel in the Classics (2004/10/18)

Rebecca Kaplan and Pete Rushefsky :  On the Paths (2004/11/04)

Martinu Quartet, with Miroslav Sehnoutka, viola, and Nigel Cliffe, bass-baritone :  A Terezin Memorial Concert, Leamington Spa Festival, Holy Trinity Church, Beauchamp Ave., Leamington Spa, Thursday 6th May 2004, 7.30pm (2004/05/16 & 2008/12/14)

Willard W. White, BBC Concert Orchestra cond. Carl Davis :  A Portrait of Willard W. White, Royal Festival Hall, London SE1, Monday 7th June 2004, 7.30pm (2004/06/10)


Reviews added 2008/11/09:

Weinstein, Mark :  Lua e Sol (2008/11/09)


Reviews added 2008/10/21:

Greenbaum, Adrianne :  FleytMuzik in Kontsert

Skiffle Bunch & Stalin :  Skiffle Bunch & Stalin - Live At The Naparima Bowl

Weinstein, Mark :  Con Alma

Weinstein, Mark :  Straight No Chaser

Yiddishe Cup :  Meshugeneh Mambo


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Old new updates included as of 2008/10/15:

Album and Gig Reviews:

Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble - Musik

Lit. Review - Gilad Atzmon - My One And Only Love

Albert Beger Quartet - This Life

Lloica Czackis & Tangele - Tangele - The Pulse of Yiddish Tango

Fish Street Klezmer - Intoxicated

Freilackmakers Klezmer String Band - And I in the Uttermost West

Koby Israelite - Mood Swings

Phil Robson - Impish

Daphna Sadeh & The Voyagers - Purcell Room 250304

Asaf Sirkis & The Inner Noise - The Crypt, 110604

Asaf Sirkis & The Inner Noise - We Are Falling

Soul Of The Fiddle - Queen Elizabeth Hall, 290304

Trio NoviTango - Retrato de Astor Piazzolla

Mark Weinstein - Algo Mas

Mark Weinstein & Cuban Roots - Cuban Roots Revisited

Mark Weinstein - Jazz World Trios

Mark Weinstein - Milling Time

Mark Weinstein - O Nosso Amor

Mark Weinstein - Seasoning

Mark Weinstein - Three Deuces


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Artists' Profiles


Profiles updated 2009/12/03:

Atzmon, Gilad

Atzmon, Gilad, And The Orient House Ensemble

Israelite, Koby

Sirkis, Asaf


Old new updates included as of 2008/10/15, including recently updated profiles:

Tigran Aleksanyan

Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble

Stewart Curtis

Daphna Sadeh

Daphna Sadeh & The Voyagers

Asaf Sirkis

Mark Weinstein


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Articles & Features

Features/Articles added 2009/07/26:

Composing and Arranging for the Steel Pan - Part I : Basics / An Overview of the Special Issues in Writing and Arranging for the Steel Pan By Richard A. Sharma





Please note that the old Guzikow Archives have been moved to the Archived Pages section.



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