The Michael Joseph Guzikow Archives


Regrettably, the Guzikow Archive Pages have had to be moved to archived pages status and into the Archived Pages section of this site.

This has long become unavoidable and overdue due to no further material having been submitted by Alex Jacobowitz who supplied the initial offerings, presumably due to lack of time.

Further updates to these pages are not expected.

For the sake of balance, it should be pointed out that another authority on the subject of Guzikow is Joshua Horowitz. Another is Joel Rubin.

The archived pages of the Guzikow Archives fall into three sections - an introductory "Front Page" consisting of both a brief introduction to the archives as well as an introduction to the subject, Michael Joseph Guzikow; a fully linked index to the various articles, letters, newspaper reports etc. available in the archive; and finally, a brief bibliograpghy.

These may all be accessed from the navigation bar above, or from here:

The Guzikow Archives Front Page

Guzikow Articles Index

Guzikow Bibliography


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